10 Gift Ideas for Last Minute Xmas Shoppers

December 19th, 2007 by

With Christmas literally round the corner, have you decided to leave your gift buying to the last minute just like you did last year? Well fear not! I am the Orange Fuzzy Thing and I’m your guide to 10 fantastic gift ideas including a Dancing MP3 Speaker, a Shisha Pipe and a Nintendo Wii Console, all for Last Minutes Christmas Shoppers!

10. Shisha Pipe Starter Kit

This fantastic Shisha Pipe package features an authentic hand blown jar with a unique hand painted design.

Standing tall at 50cm tall from base to bowl, this Hookah Pipe, referred to as The Egyptian is supplied as part of a starter package that includes two of the most popular Shisha flavours, Double Apple and Mint, in 50g sizes. To complete the package, 10 Shisha Quick light Charcoal pieces are included in a roll.

Each Shisha Pipe is unique in design however, they all offer the middle eastern social experience with its smooth and flavourful taste.

They have a wide range of Shisha Pipes here as well to suit all events including travel size pipes


Grab this complete package from the Shisha Shop at a price of only £24.99!

9. The RoboSapien

This robotic giant (Yes it is taller than me and that scares me a bit!) is a fusion of technology and personality, allowing you to programme it with up to 67 functions to make do things like walk, strike, throw, grab and dance! Best of all, the RoboSapien speaks fluent ‘caveman’!

Grab it here from Argos priced at £24.88!

8. 10 Setting Voice Changing Mini MegaPhone

I’ve been told that this great voice changing toy has no less than 10 different voice changing options! I’ve not been able to test it out myself as Fuzzy Things do not have voices, we have mind control (Hmm I wonder if they make one of these that can alter our mind control voices?) The voice changer is simply operated by holding the trigger on the handle of the unit and speaking in to the microphone housed on the reverse. The 10 different voice changing options are as follows: 1) Low pitch; 2) High pitch; 3) Very low pitch; 4) Very high pitch; 5) Robotic; 6) Low pitch robotic; 7) Very high pitched robotic; 8) Amplified high pitch; 9) Amplified original voice; 10) High pitch robotic.

Grab it here from Maplins priced at £6.99

7. Indoor Football Table

Now I’ll be honest, initially I thought this was fantastic! It was great fun to play this game right up until the point when the humans lost the ball…

…They decided to look for an alternative, something small, round and handsome looking, that’s right everyone, they used poor little me! I would of posted the pictures of me with the bruises and plasters but that would just come back to haunt me in 5 years time when I run for President of the Brotherhood of the FuzzyBugs!

Grab this from Argos at a fantastic price of only £24!!

6. Transformers – Beatmix Bumblebee MP3 Speaker

Now this is really cool! This is perfect for anyone who watched and loved Transformers this summer! This is essentially a speaker system/ music player that plays music, builds beats, lights up and even dances!

It can even take your tunes and sample them back to you with effects and sounds from the new TRANSFORMERS movie! It connects through any standard headphone jack (Jack-to-jack cable included) and is ranked 6 in Amazons bestseller’s charts!


Grab this from Amazon at a fantastic price of only £24!!

5. Nintendo Wii

I don’t even need to tell you what this is, the Nintendo Wii has taken the world by storm and is soo popular that it is still out of stock in most places! That said, it really is a revolutionary console! Suited for all ages from grandparents to kids to fuzzy things as well! Good luck finding one but believe me, it will be worth it if you can!

Grab this from Amazon, wait for it to come in stock and nab it for £179.99!!

4. GHD MK4 Hair Straighener

This one for all the lady’s out there, the GHD Hair Straightners are the Holy Grail of hair styling tools. Thanks to their unique built-in microprocessor, they not only conduct heat fast but also retain it more effectively too. The result? Instant long lasting heat for optimum styling control. Plus it’s advanced infra-red heat actually protects your hair by sealing in it’s natural oils, moisture and hair colour, guaranteeing you beautifully straight hair with an attractive healthy shine.

Just a word of caution though, this is designed for human hair, not for Fuzzy Hair as it can burn very quickly, not that I have tried it or anything…


Grab this from Jason Shankey, wait for it to come in stock and nab it for £179.99!!

3. Apple Iphone

This is billed as a revolutionary mobile phone, a widescreen iPod with touch controls and a breakthrough Internet device with rich HTML email and web browsing and searching and ways to map a route from the Sales Department all the way to the Support Team! That’s quite a mouthful to say but still, this really is one of the coolest products of the year that does turn heads, especially when you show people just how it works!


Grab this from Apple, at £269.99, please note that you will require a contract with o2!!

2. UK2 Web Hosting Package

That right’s, UK2 has made it to Number 2, what? No I wasn’t forced into this! How about a personalised web domain and hosting package for a loved one? Why stop with one when you can have 3 Free Domain Names with Plus Web Hosting!

From now until the end of December, UK2 is giving away 3 free domain names with all Plus web hosting packages.

You get all the benefits of our fantastic Plus web hosting, including:

* 15,000MB webspace
* 750GB of monthly bandwidth
* Over 100 POP E-mail accounts
* £30 Google AdWords voucher
* cPanel 11

with the additional benefit of 3 free domains of your choice. Grab the package here at UK2!

And in at number 1 …









1. A Nice Woolly Hat for the Fuzzy Things! Woohoo!


That’s right! A nice new woolly hat (As demonstrated by myself and pointed at by my lovely UK2 assistant) for all your fuzzy leaders, erm, buddies you have at home! These are the hard working guys that you always seem to forget about! There not expensive at the moment but it is a seasonal thing so you need to grab them soon! At the moment, the only place that retail these are Sainsbury’s.

There’s a wide range of designs to choose from and they even include a deliciously free Innocent Drink for you to enjoy! So what are you waiting for? Go get some now!

On behalf of all the Fuzzy Things,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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