10 Time-Saving Tips for Article Marketing Newbie’s

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10 Time-Saving Tips for Article Marketing Newbie’s

Are you new to Article Marketing? I know how overwhelming it can be when you’re just learning how to market your website, and you hear all sorts of SEO jargon being thrown around and talk about stats, traffic and keywords. It can be intimidating!

I just want to assure you, as a beginner you do not need to know about those things yet. Right now, you just need to know the basics to get started and to see your initial results.

So, there’s no need to stress about things or think you need to spend mammoth amounts of time writing and submitting articles. You do not need to be a veteran article marketer to see results–any dedicated beginner can do article marketing by just following these simple tips:

1. How consistently you submit articles are going to make or break your success. A beginner is just as able to be consistent as an expert.
Submitting 8 articles a month per site is sufficient. Plan on doing this every month and commit to doing it over the long term.

2. Know that it will likely take 3-6 months before seeing the initial fruits of your labors, but after that point the results will start to snowball.

3. Focus on writing a strong resource box. Include your name, a brief bio (why should the reader regard you as an expert in this topic?), a reason to click through to your website, and your website link. A great resource box will help lead readers to your website.

4. Do not try to sell anything in your article or promote your business or website. Write articles that teach your readers something.
The appropriate place for a sales pitch is your resource box.

5. Craft your title wisely. The title should clearly tell a reader what your article is about and draw them into reading your article.
Don’t use puns or clever turns of phrase. A reader will decide whether or not to read your article by looking at your title.

6. Keep an ongoing list of article topics. Each time you sit down to write, pull a topic from that list. This helps avoid procrastination and keeps your creative momentum flowing.

7. Schedule your writing times. Decide beforehand how many articles you’ll submit each month and then schedule writing days and times on your calendar. This is extremely helpful with staying on track.

8. Write from an informal outline. Just jot down the major points you’d like to cover in your article, and then flesh out your article around those points. You can write the intro and concluding paragraphs after you’ve created the body of your article.

9. Use a word count goal. Aim for 400-800 words. This disciplined approach will help you resist the urge to write indefinitely and will help keep your articles succinct and to the point.

10. Your blog and your article marketing campaign can work in collaboration with each other. Write educational blog posts, and then rework them as articles. This saves time and brainpower.

See how simple this is? As you’re starting article marketing, focus on the basics and save the more advanced lessons for later. If you will just do these 10 simple things listed here, you will make a strong start and develop some healthy habits that will benefit your website over the long term.

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# 2nd February, 2010

Hi UK2,

Great article – I have also noticed that our articles get more coverage if they have:

1. Great Pictures that tell the story

2. Links to reputable other sites

3. Have really useful advice.

I hope this helps others.

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