The 12 Days Of Blogmas: Five Gold Rings

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The fifth day of Christmas marks a time for getting down on one knee…


On the fifth day of Christmas, the gift of true love was five gold rings. If you know the song, you’ll probably know this line as the most memorable: three long syllables announce the five gold rings, protruding from the rest of the fast-paced song.

Now the 12 days of Blogmas are a little different to those of Christmas: I’m taking a look at some of the different interpretations of the gifts of true love received. Yesterday I took a whistle-stop tour of Christmas visitors, and the day before saw an exploration of giving to charity at Christmas, but what do the five gold rings really symbolise?

shutterstock_223387201There’s been a bit of a theme running through the first four days of Christmas that may sometimes go overlooked. Did you notice that the first four gifts of Christmas are birds? True love gave a partridge, a pair of turtle doves, a trio of hens and a quartet of miscellaneous calling birds. In keeping with this ornithological explanation of the Christmas days’ gifts, the five gold rings could be said to not actually represent physical jewellery, but to represent five ring-necked pheasants.

Besides a full bird-house, the five gold rings also represent the romance around Christmas; I’m sure more than five ladies or gents will be presented with a gold ring in the next couple of weeks. The holidays are an excuse to get creative with your proposal; there are so many places to hide an engagement ring for the Christmas surprise factor. How about a cracker, clear bauble on the tree, or even a stocking? If your loved one is with you for Christmas Day, there’s even the old ‘hiding it in the Christmas pudding’ trick a good idea for a festive proposal.

Christmas is a time to show your loved ones some appreciation – be it with a ring or not – and that should extend to your business customers. Why not throw a festive sale? Christmas website traffic can put a strain on your server, so be sure to have a reliable hosting solution for the month ahead.

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