20 Tips to Writing a Successful Blog

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The world of blogging is becoming cluttered to say the least. How can you write a successful blog? And how do you stand out so your site can generate the required traffic? I’ve been thinking about this for a little while now and wanted to jot down some great ideas to help get people reading, commenting and following your Blogs!

I’ve got plenty more but for now, and in no particular order, here are 20 tips to writing a successful blog.

1. Write a post by looking at the advantages and disadvantages of a subject: It’s important to demonstrate knowledge on your subject. By giving readers both the advantages and disadvantages, it gives them the chance to make up their own minds.

2. Write a ‘How To’ Blog: Readers love being given information. The right information, of course, and it must be relevant to your blog. No point writing a ‘How to replace a spark plug’ on a womens wedding dress site.

3. Write about key people in your niche: If you can get an interview with these people than even better!

4. Write a head-to-head comparison: compare products with each other. If you can impartially compare 2 products, readers will appreciate it as it helps them make an informed decision.

5. Research popular keywords/titles: Find out what people are reading or searching for. Kepp it relevant and see the traffic come flooding in.

6. Write blogs about events which relate to your readers: If you can create a buzz around events that your readers find interesting, you’ll get more followers.

7. Invite readers to become guest bloggers: If you, yourself, are following a blog – let’s say it’s your favourite blog – imagine being invited to write for it??? It’s a great way to stengthen the relationship between you and them.

8. Connect and share with other bloggers: Find bloggers to share ideas with. Encourage each other to comment on and review each others blogs.

9. Have an opinion: I have stated that it’s good to write about both sides of a story. Do so, but don’t be shy to share your opinion. It’s what makes the really successful bloggers successful 🙂

10. Write to inspire: Be smart about it. Don’t try to inspire if you aren’t inspired yourself.

11. Write a series of blogs: This will encourage readers to subscribe to your RSS Feed and will increase traffic as your content over a series of blogs will be very strong.

12.Do some research and post your sources: research is great as it adds credibility to the blog. Be sure to post where your research came from to really drive the point across.

13. Write for beginners: One of the first things I learnt about writing for web is that you need to write in a manner which is easy to understand and eligible for beginners.

14. Write for advanced readers: On the other side of the spectrum is the advanced reader. One who trawls the web researching and learning as they go along. There will be some subjects you have an expert opinion on, write about those and explain the inner workings so that an advanced reader will find the blog useful – by doing this you could have a follower for life.

15. Share on social networks: Add the social network widgets to your posts so that your readers can share your link on their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. Remember to suggest the idea to them too – a little nudge never hurt anybody.

16. Add pictures: Pictures catch the eye and can can also help with SEO if tagged corectly. Don’t forget to add them!

17. Be careful not to repeat words: if you are writing a paragraph and the same words crops up more than twice, pick up a Thesaurus and find an alternative. This is a tip for writing in general but it’s definitely something you should practise if you are a regular blogger.

18. Change the style of your posts: Keep it interesting by mixing up your writing style i.e. from business vernacular through to telling a story to get a message across, your readers will love you for your variation.

19. Write posts on what is popular at the moment: watch the news and listen out for the latest buzzwords. These have a massive influence on search. Keep it up to date and relevant and you may need to buy a server to handle all the traffic.

lastly, but not least;

20. Give tips and suggestions on blogging: Your readers will happy you are helping them to create their own blogs and their own online identity – they’ll (probably) be fans for life. Share the love and the love will be returned tenfold by your readers sharing your links.

Having just written this I felt I could continue the whole day writing tips about about blogging. I will definitely write a part 2. Thanks for reading – don’t forget to comment if you have any other suggestions which may help other readers.

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# 21st January, 2011

Set up a google alert for keywords to keep up with relevant topics for inspiration!

# 1st August, 2011

Thanks a lot for those tips! They are surely helpfull!

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