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March 8th, 2007 by

Hi and welcome to “The Blob”!
My name is Ditlev Bredahl, I am the MD of UK2 and I am quite excited about finally getting our blog online!

UK2 has gone through some dramatic changes over the last 12 months, I have more than tripled the team and our avg. support reply times has gone from above 72 hours to less than 2 hours 24/7, and yes, we have launched telephone support for those who wish to talk to someone in person (at premium rate though). In 2005 we had a net loss of around 1500-2000 clients pr month, in 2007 we have grown more than 12000 clients already.

UK2 has always been a very healthy and profitable company, but I still like to call this a turn-around – and one that most of our competitors didn’t see coming…Thanks for your support, we are very proud to have earned your business!

OK – Ill get off my high horse now 😉

So, what is this blog all about? Well, it will be a great way for us to get better acquainted – it will be a way for you to hear more about what we are all about, what we are working on and for you to meet the UK2 team! It will be a way for us to get lots of good feedback and comments from all of you.

I hope you will come back here from time to time, or subscribe to the RSS – my team and I will do our best to update on a frequent basis.



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Michael Josiah
# 14th March, 2007

Nice one, this is a welcome surprise and I for one am glad that you have a blog. Ive been a UK2 customer from its conception and trust me the difference your team has made to the company is amazing. I left UK2 because of the amazing lack of customer service, crappy hosting features and an amazingly sneeky pricing plan. However all this seems to have changed and im glad to be back. Great support, revamped website and better service offerings. Still some more improvements needed (I can suggest of few if you would like) but for now I am a very happy customer.

# 14th March, 2007

If we didn’t want suggestions, we wouldn’t have comments in this thing ;-). We’d got a fair few ideas of our own, but we’d love to hear yours.

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