Top five websites.

Are you having one of those days where you’re feeling gutted because Google’s not living up to being quite the search saviour you thought it was? Or perhaps, you’re not even sure what you should be looking for. Maybe, it’s that time when you’d much rather lay back and be handed the best the web has to offer.

No sweat.

Build your website for only £1/month

At UK2.Net we’ve got it all sorted out. Whether you want to be gobsmacked by the latest Internet trends, attain a state of nirvana with instant inspiration, learn a new skill, or break away from the mundane with a bit of quirkiness to perk you up.  Have a dekko at our ace listing of five smashing websites that are worthy of your bookmark. It might just be that these websites don’t necessarily rank high on popularity charts, but we’ve listed them for their sheer usefulness and usability.

  1. Curious
  2. Whether you want to teach or get trained, your curiosity will be piqued by, a learning website that connects both teachers and students. You can choose from a diverse selection of free and paid short learning videos ranging from software coding to beer brewing, dancing, music, languages, crafts, cookery, DIY or whatever floats your boat. Compared to YouTube, you won’t find anonymous users taking the piss on your queries, comments or presentations. Even better, every trainer’s content is verified by website moderators, so that you enjoy friendly and constructive learning.

  3. The WireCutter
  4. This cracking site helps you cut through the clutter in making the right choice on consumer electronics. Rather than relying on a single product tester’s feedback, the chaps at The WireCutter research commonalities from multiple forums and websites, and even test the most highly recommended products themselves. If you plan to use retail therapy to reward yourself with the latest smartphone, tablet, audio or video gadget, let The WireCutter give you the drift on its quality and value, saving your precious time and money.

  5. 5-Second Films
  6. Looking for a quickie to draw you out of that senseless stupor? It takes no more than five seconds to get some comic relief on this website. With short video clips ranging from the daft to the nerdy, 5-Second Films offers an overload of in-your-face, humorous half-thoughts.  Despite simple scene setups, the slick punch lines and ideas are addictive enough to mesmerise you – making you wonder how five seconds were gobbled up by a fun-filled hour.

  7. Disposable Webpages
  8. If the prospect of hosting that upcoming company event sounds like it’s going to burn a hole in your corporate coffers, Disposable Webpage can reduce your overheads. Not quite in the same league as disposable nappies that despite their convenience can raise quite a stink; Disposable Webpage cuts the cost of setting up a full-fledged website. You can create temporary web pages without worrying about hosting, as the page expires at the time limit you assign. It’s perfect for organising events, creating landing pages for new products, as well as for managing extensive to-do lists.

  9. Where Cool Things Happen
  10. And finally, Where Cool Things Happen is guaranteed to get you all chuffed up, Living up to the motto of a picture speaking a thousand words, this image-based website will leave you with a big, wide-mouthed ‘wow,’ providing both inspiration and intrigue. It offers breathtaking photo-news across categories such as nature, gadgetry, travel, lifestyle, art and just about any human experience. From a fiery crater in Turkmenistan spouting fire from its bottomless pit, to breathtaking sushi art and insane ski shots, Where Cool Things Happen gives you an adrenalin rush without so much as a twitch of a muscle, besides those in your eyes.

What are we missing? Please share your favorites in the comments.

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