5 POP3 Mailboxes for all hosting customers

April 5th, 2007 by

First, the good news: as we already announced, if you’re a UK2 web hosting customer, you’re now entitled to create up to 5 extra POP3 mailboxes, free of charge. (That’s in addition to the one free POP mailbox available to all UK2 domain customers).

But now, the bad news: as some of you may have noticed, customers on our popular Small web hosting package were not being offered the 5 extra free POP3 mailboxes. This was incorrect, and has now been fixed – now all of our web hosting customers (regardless of which of our web hosting packages you’ve chosen) are entitled to 5 extra POP3 boxes.

To those of you with our Small hosting package who have already tried to create extra mailboxes: our apologies for this mistake.

How do I create mailboxes for my domain?

Just follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your UK2 account
  2. Click your domain name
  3. Click the “E-mail Forwarding and POP Accounts” link
  4. Click the “Add a POP mailbox…” link, and choose a a username + password

How do I access my new mailboxes?

Your POP email accounts can be accessed via POP3 using your preferred mail client, or using the UK2 webmail interface. You can also use our SMTP servers to send mail, using the same hostname, username and password as your mail account. For brief instructions on configuring your mail client please see Nicola’s announcement post. If you require further help, contact our support team for help.

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Internal note

Clarification on UK2 Domains and E-mail


# 15th April, 2007

I am very pleased with my POP3 account on each domain: very easy to set up.

BUT … what is more obvious now is how often your email service is down. It is irritating being asked for my Outlook password on each account every ten seconds when things aren’t working. I hope that you are going to be working on this!

# 15th April, 2007

stephanie, best thing is to submit a ticket or give us a call if you have problems using our popmail 🙂

Glad you like the pop’s though.


# 21st April, 2007

Thanks for the pop3 accounts very useful. However can you make an easy way on the mail.uk2.net page to access them via web mail?

It is easy to access myemail@uk2.net but not so easy to get to mymail@mydomain.net , other than going through the account panel (or using a pop3 program).

simon francis
# 23rd April, 2007

A quick question on web mail access to the POP3 can you let us know the quickest way for a mail user to get to the web mail login.


David Precious
# 27th April, 2007

@Tim and Simon:

We’ve now updated the login form on http://mail.uk2.net/ to make it easy to log in to your domain POP3 mailboxes.

(You can also log in via any page on the UK2 website by clicking the “Customer Login” link at the top, selecting the email option, and entering your mailbox username in the format “username@domain.co.uk”).

This should make things easier 🙂

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