Pinterest is quickly becoming the latest craze in social media thanks in large part to its media-centric focus. Its focus is in giving users a way to creatively share their interests with one another quickly and easily. According to social media expert Beth Hayden, Pinterest is “Facebook without the whining.”

Founded in 2009 by Ben Silbermann, Pinterest has burst onto the social media scene since beginning an open BETA test a year later. After the introduction of their iPhone application brought an unprecedented number of users to the site, it was named one of Time’s ’50 Websites That Make the Web Great’. It’s no surprise that more and more small businesses are using this rising social media star to improve their business.

Unique Approach

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Pinterest’s unique approach of using images to convey messages represents a chance for companies to speak to their customers in a new way. It provides a unique avenue of advertising and allows users to identify with the brand.

Product Placement

Many businesses are seeing the benefits of finding interesting ways to share their products on Pinterest. Users can easily share the products they enjoy with their friends without it feeling commercial.

Share Your Message

Because the content on Pinterest is directly tied to other social media content and blogging, it’s a great way to boost traffic to your company blog or website. Simply include this information in your image descriptions and users who enjoy your products will find their way to your message.

Mix it Up

Consumers are routinely saturated with a variety of advertising mediums, and sometimes the message can get lost in the shuffle. Pinterest is newer on the scene, making it go-to site for non-traditional advertising. Posting your informational video or clever photograph may just help you connect with a section of your audience you might have otherwise missed.

Market Yourself

If you are a small business that relies on word of mouth, what better way to show off your skills than by posting pictures of you work? Customers will get a first hand look at your experience and the end result of the projects you post. This is the kind of exposure that can lead to more clients.

One of the things you should be wary of on Pinterest is the posting of copyrighted content. To avoid any legal trouble, only post content that either you or your business has the rights to. There have been reports of users losing their accounts because of posting content that infringed another party’s copyright.

Pinterest represents the next generation in advertising for many companies, particularly those with products or skills to market. By taking time to connect with your current customers and potential clients in this way, you can vastly grow the appeal and scope of your business.

Author Bio: Jason Stevens from / Freelance web developer, tech writer and follower of cloud computing trends. Follow him on Twitter: @_jason_stevens_.

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