An ode for the VPS cloud

February 7th, 2009 by

As some of you may know UK2Group beta-launched our VPS cloud at a few days ago. We only allowed around 80 users in the initial betatest, but we’ve since had literally hundreds of requests from users who wants to try this new technology. We have room for around 10 users more in the first beta-user session.

Carlos Rego from UK2Group came up with the idea to let the beta-requester’s write a poem speaking of their undying affection for the VPS Cloud 🙂

I really had my doubts – this would never work, I thought. But – 🙂 – I was proved quite wrong.
Take a look at the wonderful poems here – or read a few snipplets below:

By “arbet”:

I just want to tell you why I love
because failover keeps my site always on the internet
and multiple VPS clouds make it load fast from everywhere on the planet
so I attract visitors to my site from everywhere, like a magnet!

A part of “fyrevortex” very long poem (which is also a song he claims):

When you’re in the cloud,
You’re just looking down.
At the fields of servers,
Turning upside down.

By “malamute”:

The site is bright and shiny, not a hint of ‘We Can’t Do’
With Full High Speed Deployment, could this be something new?
Full control over you’re VPS with direct and simple secure access, are they really sure?
Linux, Raid and Cisco, I’m beating down their door.

And a proper Haiku poem by “planetjim”:

Technically cool I
visualise profound service
altering my soul.

First verse of “Brentdev” poem:

A beta code to vps dot net
Ohh how i would cherish this new hosting set
Reviews and discussions would surely present
Just so long as my neighbor’s WIFI connections uses WEP

“pingu” just posted this poem: in the cloud
saw the future, without a doubt.
A simple webinterface here,
easy machine management there,
Fast and reliable scalability, that’s what it’s all about 🙂

Take a look at here to see them all – they are hilarious 🙂


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