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January 24th, 2014 by

Red Carpet

What can you learn from the official Oscars blog?

If there was a school of blogging, the people behind the official Oscars blog would be top of the class. Here’s where they earn their A grades…


This blog is a picnic of content. No two posts are the same when it comes to format. There’s everything on here, from photo spreads and news to interviews and real life stories. The subjects meanwhile range from fashion to entertainment technology.


The Oscars is the sort of event that if your name’s not down you’re not getting in. This blog puts your name on the guest list. You can get information from this site that you can’t get elsewhere. When you make your readers feel like they’re getting a backstage pass, you’ll hook them in.


Video is being tipped as the future of social media. It takes less effort to consume than long written articles. Visitors to the Oscars blog can gulp down videos, including one of host Ellen DeGeneres reacting to twitter comments that were posted when she was announced as the host.


The official Oscars blog is touchy-feely. It lets readers get hands-on with quizzes. Another way to get readers to interact is to launch competitions and let them comment on the progress.


The official Oscars blog knows how to hold a happy hour. The creators of this blog don’t take themselves too seriously. Posts like ‘Top 5 Funniest Oscars Moments’ and ‘Musical Mayhem, Oscars Style’ put a smile on readers faces.

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