April 2007 – Employee of the Month

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As promised back in March 2007 with our First Blog post on the Employee of the Month, I am happy to make this an ongoing event in keeping all our customers informed about our best performers in UK2.

Hannahmi van der Merwe Eom April 2007

Hannahmi van der Merwe, Billings Representative

Hannahmi has our been with UK2 since August 2006 and started out as the Billing and Office Administrator. Between August and November 2006 Hannahmi  did extremely well at UK2 and as a result she was promoted to the role of Billing Representative. Hannahmi was given the responsibility to ensure customers are dealt with in an efficient and professional manner, and she has to deal with all their problems with regards to payments and renewals etc.

I would say that Hannahmi’s best quality is the pride she has in her work. Hannahmi has a positive energy about her! She never complains about the amount of work she has or the problems she has to face. Whenever there is an issue she makes a point of addressing the problem, creating a strategy and ensuring the issue gets resolved as quickly as possible. 

Hannahmi’s strong work ethic and her “Go Get Em” attitude are just a few of her many qualities. She is a real team player and is not afraid to speak her mind or share her thoughts. Hannahmi played an important role in helping to shape the current billing department into what it is today by putting extra energy and pride into her job. You often see Hannahmi  staying late after work, tackling tickets and ensuring she’s done her bit and that extra bit more. That is why Hannahmi is the winner of this months Employee of the Month Award.

Annalien Smit – Operations Manager, UK2

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