At Long Last an Update on the latest Employee(s) of the Month at UK2

September 12th, 2007 by

For all those following our EoM (Employee of the Month) awards, you might have noticed that we were on the quite side for the past couple of months. I can truly say that it has been a busy couple of months at UK2 and eventually we have decided on the Employee’s of the month for May, June and July. For some it may not be a surprise to see someone winning it for the first time or should I say for the “Second Time” round!

Let me introduce you to the Award Winners and if you have a minute or two to spare, you can read more about how and what their contributions were, for them to achieve this special award.

Employee of the Month for May 2007 is awarded to: James Withall, Senior Server Engineer
Last year UK2 launched the Employee of the Month scheme, and since then many wonderful members of UK2 staff have been honoured with the award. It was designed to acknowledge exceptional employees who go far beyond what is required to get the job done. In November 2006, James Withall received this award for the first time and it is with great excitement and pride that James now receives this award for the second time.

This ground breaking achievement shows us that no matter who you are within the UK2 family, no matter what part you play in this theatre we call “Hosting”, excellence does not keep a score card. If you perform and show yourself to be truly committed and dedicated to your role, it will indeed be recognised, regardless of how many awards you may already have. James has once again truly shown us how do things the right way

James truly is great, kickass and cool. He constantly ensures that UK2 customers are happy by getting their problems resolved swiftly. He is responsive and always on the case, no matter what time of day or night. No job is too big and he does everything with a smile.


This is why James is the winner of this months Employee of the Month Award.

Employee of the Month for June 2007 is awarded to: Shaheen Walton, Senior Technical Support
Shaheen started working for UK2 in June 2006 and was originally involved in answering tickets and online chat for UK2 customers. His professional approach and dedication to offering a 1st class service to UK2 customers soon paid off, as Shaheen was promoted to Team Leader.

Shaheen’s continuous drive for customer improvement has excelled in every way and his willingness to help not only customers but also internal staff is second to none. He is always there to assist no matter what the problem. One of Shaheen’s many strong points is that even if doesn’t have the answer to a problem, he will do all he can to find out, not only for his benefit, but also for the benefit of his colleagues within the office.

Recently, when UK2 faced some internal problems, Shaheen was there to help the company in every way possible, to ensure that there was no impact on the company image. Shaheen has been heavily involved in training new staff and has managed to find the time to take calls, assist staff and solve problems. Shaheen is the finest example of someone who can show pure dedication and resourcefulness.

This is why Shaheen is the winner of this months Employee of the Month Award.

Employee of the Month for July 2007 is awarded to: Kasia Buttery, Marketing Executive
Kasia joined UK2 in November 2006 as our Marketing Executive, and she was well and truly thrown into the deep end due to the many marketing projects and plans we had! She made a significant and noticeable contribution to UK2 straight away and has continued to do so over the course of the year.

One of Kasia’s best qualities is her “can do” approach to the job. As a result of this she has taken on and welcomed more responsibilities and challenges, and has become well versed in marketing techniques which were new to her. Kasia is very proactive and constantly looks for new ideas and opportunities to help UK2’s marketing efforts.

Kasia is extremely personable and builds excellent relationships – with fellow UK2 employees, customers, affiliates, but in particular our suppliers. She is even famous across the Atlantic! When visiting Chicago for HostingCon 2007 the feedback received about Kasia was exceptional, making her a true role model for UK2.

This is why Kasia is the winner of this months Employee of the Month Award.



The August EoM will be represent soon. I’d suggest you “watch this space” for the next couple of days for the new Award Winner of August 2007.

Kind Regards
Annalien Smit, Human Resource Manager





From Left to Right
James Withall, Kasia Buttery, Shaheen Walton


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# 13th September, 2007

Ah, if only James was the owner of our outstanding dns problem ticket! (KUZ-535179)

Anton Christodoulou
# 13th September, 2007

Why does James’s body looks like one of those cardboard cut-outs you get outside mobile phone shops? Think his mums been feeding him genetically modified foods again?

# 14th September, 2007

Well done guys. I’m sure many people will appreciate what you’re doing. But the biggest compliment is that many more won’t even notice!!

David Precious
# 19th September, 2007


I’ll get that ticket looked at for your ASAP and sorted out, our apologies it didn’t get a quicker response.

# 20th September, 2007

Thanks David!

harry heath
# 24th October, 2007

Congratulations James! Still asking if your father is an old friend of mine. Is he Peter? Used to live in Muswell Hill.

Please reply. Would like to hear from him again.

Cheers, Harry

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