One is a billionaire businessman with a penchant for gadgetry, and one’s a demigod with superhuman powers. But who comes out on top when you pit Batman and Superman against each other?

Bruce Wayne’s Batman and Clark Kent’s Superman are often compared and contrasted by superhero enthusiasts worldwide. Indeed, the fascination with these two crusaders is much explored in pop culture; we’re a mere month away from the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice film which will be released March 2016.

So how do each of these proverbial “good guys” measure up against each other? We pulled apart what makes each superhero unique and came to our own conclusion, which is highlighted in the infographic below:

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So between Batman and Superman, who would come out on top? Let us know over on Twitter @UK2! And if you’re reading this Mr Joker, please stop asking us how to get in contact with the Batman.

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