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Battle of the Valentine’s Day Mix Tapes

February 14th, 2014 by

Mix Tape

UK2’s Mark goes head to head with Sarah in the quest to compile the ultimate Valentine’s Day playlist. Whose is better? You decide.

Fierce rivalry has broken out in the UK2.net offices. It started with a simple task – make a playlist to share with customers on Valentine’s Day. But then differences of opinion happened between Mark and Sarah. Now love don’t live here anymore.

That’s where you come in. We need an umpire in the ring. We need you to rate our playlists and judge whose is the best.

Read the pitches below from each contender telling you why their playlist reigns supreme, and listen to their tracks, then tweet which one you like best by pressing one of the buttons below.

Sarah: Why My Playlist is Better

My collection of 14 tracks will stir your soul like it’s a cup of coffee. It starts off with power ballads. Big numbers that grab you by the ankles and make you move your feet. Then it slips into something more comfortable. It makes come to bed eyes at you with classic tracks from the Sixties and legendary love songs from the Eighties.

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Mark: Why My Playlist is Better

Forget the cheesy ballads and pop numbers, my playlist is vintage Valentine’s classic. Each track has been hand-picked to provide the perfect atmosphere for you and that special someone. From the dark, romantic baritone of Seth Macfarlane to soaring chanteuse Edith Piaf, you’ll find your evening complete with the best songs from stage and screen. Light the candles, spread the rose petals and break open a bottle of your favourite beverage – your Valentine’s night-in just became complete.

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Finally, if all this talk of love is getting your pulse racing, why not visit the UK2.net website, where you can now, for the first time, nab yourself a website address that ends in .sexy rather than plain old .com or .co.uk.

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