Beating The Business Blues This January

January 13th, 2015 by

13 days in and things can be looking very grim. Just how can we beat the January business blues?

January has that mysterious downing effect on a lot of people, doesn’t it? Getting things back into gear following the festive wind-down can be tough, both personally and professionally. Many of us make resolutions to get in shape, invest our time wisely and make the New Year one to remember.

So, we’re almost half way through January now, and around this time a few of us are hanging up our running shoes for the year and admitting defeat. There are ways in which we can persevere and get the best out of 2015 for ourselves – in our personal and professional lives.

When it comes to making the most of your business year in 2015 and finding success, it’s important to build a positive routine to get the most from your day. Small changes that you can make in your daily routine can lead to great business prosperity.

Take a look at the list below; making these practices a part of your routine should have you on the track for business success:

  1. Plan – In business it pays to know what you want, and to know just how you’re going to get it. Make sure you have your diary up to date; make sure you have your deadlines marked down in bold so there’s no excuse not to stick to them!
  2. Schedule your day – Use your planning skills on a daily basis, setting out a schedule for each day ahead. It really pays to have your organisational skills in check, especially when you’re battling the January business blues! Prioritise your tasks to bring some order to your day – you’ll feel accomplished when you leave for the day knowing you’ve ticked all those boxes.
  3. Rise and shine – Getting up early gives you more time to pack a business punch with your day. Not a morning person? Now might be time to shake up your routine and get some pre-midnight rest. Sleep is important for a productive day so getting to bed and getting up earlier should rest your mind so you can focus on points one and two!
  4. Do more – Go the extra mile in everything you do, be that for yourself, for others or for your business. In business, putting your all into everything will be nothing new, but it might’ve slipped over the festive period. This is just a friendly reminder!
  5. Learn – Never assume that you have enough knowledge: make it your priority to learn more about business, the world and how the two can get along cohesively. Read your way to success!
  6. Exercise – Much like getting up early, exercising and eating well will make sure you’re on top of your game for the day ahead. Don’t give up on it!
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