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.bar is now on sale. It’s Friday. Two excuses to get ready for the weekend with our whistle-stop tour of the best bars the UK has to offer.

Whether you’re partial to a glass of red, a good craft beer, or a fizzy pop, I’m sure you’ll agree that there’s nothing quite like popping down to the local bar to catch up with friends. Especially when the bars are like these ones…

  1. The Fable Bar, Holborn, London

Built around a love of fairy tales, the fables of Aesop and the sensations of global travel, The Fable Bar serves up three floors of down-the-rabbit-hole wonderment. A self-confessed “veritable jewel box brimming with surprises”, The Fable Bar offers an escape from reality in the heart of the urban jungle.

We recommend: Try the “Skinny Goldfish in a bag” – a drinkable fishbowl, crazy but it works!

  1. The Liars Club, Manchester

Aptly named after those little fibs we tell ourselves before we head to a bar (the most common of which is “I’ll just go for a couple”), The Liars Club is a tropical hideaway beneath the Manchester streets, where over 100 different rums are served by the quarter, half and full bottle in true Caribbean rum shop style.

We recommend: A simple Caiprinha, perhaps? A Mojito? The rum-shaped possibilities are endless

  1. The Town Wall, Newcastle

For those who like great beer and greater music, The Town Wall offers a back to basics yet lively venue in the heart of Newcastle’s city center. One for the boys, its reasonably priced beer selection is rumored to be the best in town, and on weekends top DJs take to the decks.

We recommend: Try the Toon Waal Ale, exclusive to The Town Wall

  1. The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh

Comprised of six huge rooms, and with four bars, the cavernous Voodoo Rooms provides food, entertainment and speciality cocktails en masse. In their own words, they “aim to provide an eclectic and exotic range of live music, cabaret, clubs, events, gatherings, happenings, exhibitions and screenings so diverse and electrifying that it won’t just be our preposterously fine drinks, dining and lounging that will draw you back.” Sounds good, eh?

We recommend: Tennents lager; Scotland’s favourite pint

  1. Kelly’s Cellars, Belfast

Look no further for your traditional taste of the Irish. Dating from 1720, Kelly’s Cellars is a bar with true character, and is purportedly one of the oldest bars in Belfast. Serving up traditional Irish music, traditional Irish Guinness, and traditional Irish charming local company, you can’t go far wrong with a couple of ales at Kelly’s.

We recommend: Guinness, Guinness, and more Guinness.

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