Blades of Glory 2

December 5th, 2008 by

For the second Christmas running UK2 took over Somerset House ice skating rink, 30 of us took to the ice for some Ice Skating fun!

Everyone fell into 1 of two categories, those that can and those that can’t. I am pleased to say that I fell in to the ‘those that can’ camp, this did not seem to be the case for a lot of my lovely UK2 collegues!

In honour of keepying with Keira’s tradition from last years ‘Blades of Glory’ post I have tried to make a picture story of the night.

We kicked off the night with some ‘Dutch courage’ at the Road House in Covent Garden.

We had one for the road….

And then headed to Somerset House.

They prepared the ice for us…

and we were off…..

Highlights of UK2 Ice Skating Team! include:

Martin taking the lead and showing us all how it was done

Gerald launches himself onto the ice

All goes a bit wrong, but Andrew comes to his rescue and helps him stay up right, while Tom is on a mission to get round the ice (to the right of the photo)

The Gerald seems to give up and uses Andrew as a prop to keep him upright…well almost!

And then Dave escorts him back to solid ground…well kinda of!

Annie glides round the rink

Andy seemed to of lost his flare for the ice this year….He starts off with a cheeky grin on his face

Check me out he says to Nicola

Off I go…

and then he wipes out!!

And lastly my favourite highlight….words can not express how much I laughed when this random guy…

Crashed into Marldon…he had just got his balance!

There were of course some lovely moments of groups of us managing to stay upright on the ice in a special kind of way!

(Ignore the guy in the blue hat….yep the UK2 guys are the ones everyone is staring at!)

Bless them trying to hug each other!

Weeeee of they all go in a race to the errr end?

Towards the end everyone got pretty exhausted and decided to act ‘cool’ at the side of the rink!

As you can see we had a fantastic night and there are talks of heading onto the ice in the new year!! Watch this space!

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