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March 26th, 2012 by

Londoners who use the Underground may have noticed posters for the UK2 Bob v Sue competition going up in the last week. This competition is part of a promotional campaign for the UK2 Sitebuilder. In building this campaign we wanted to take the opportunity to show off what Sitebuilder can actually do. We opted to showcase websites that had been built using the product and, just to spice things up, we made a competition out of it.

The campaign sees a faceoff of two websites built by our characters Bob and Sue. Entrants can vote for the website they think is the best for the opportunity to win a new iPad.

Photography-loving Bob’s built a gallery where he can show off his work. There is a slideshow widget for highlighting particular photos and a thumbnail gallery that cuts down load times for users whilst still giving them the option to access larger images of photos they enjoy. Now his bulky portfolio has been replaced by an attractive professional website that he can link people to online.

Sue created a blog about her family life to keep her friends and relatives around the world updated . As well as featuring photos of those special moments it includes widgets for a map to show their location and video embedding for the home movies. A comment form lets people contact her from all around the world, bringing her international family closer together.

Sitebuilder was launched by UK2 last year and lets users create and maintain top quality websites without any design or coding experience. You can sign up from just £2.95 a month at the UK2 website, where there is also a free demo. Try it out, you’ll be amazed at what you can build with just a few clicks.

Check out Bob and Sue’s websites yourself, vote for your favourite and you could win a brand new iPad.

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