Brand New UK2 Dedicated Servers

October 9th, 2007 by

Hi all,

We’ve just launched a brand new portfolio of UK2 Dedicated Servers – why not take a look here!

Our old portfolio was getting a bit tired and out of date, so we’ve just launched the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum servers which are completely up to date, faster, more efficient and use the latest server hardware and newest processors.

We’ve also broadened the server range. We start with a £49 per month Bronze Intel Celeron D 420 1.6GHz and at the top end we have a fantastic Dual Quad Core Xeon 3.0GHz enterprise grade server for just £349 per month!

Don’t forget that all UK2 servers come with:

  • 100% Power Uptime
  • 99.9% Network Uptime
  • 24 / 7 support

And also

10,000GB bandwidth a month with 100Mb connectivity
Free, unlimited SSL certificates!

So just a quick reminder of the prices:

  • Bronze – £49 per month
  • Silver – £99 per month
  • Gold – £199 per month
  • Platinum – £349 per month

With just a £49 set up fee if you sign up for a year.

Get your UK2 Dedicated Server today!



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Jeremy Daly
# 10th October, 2007

This is some price hike over the previous price quoted for an X Server which was circa £119/month plus circa £30/month for the managed service. How don you justify this?

# 14th October, 2007

Hi Jeremy,
This is a whole new server line, and a quite beefy one at that. The new servers are actually comparably cheaper (as in, we make less money on them :)), but they are much larger so therefore they come at a higher cost.

Price for Supreme Support (management) is the same as before.


Rob Strzelecki
# 17th October, 2007

Larger as in 2U? Why? C2D run cooler than most of the AMD options you had before. Why doesn’t the highest option have RAID 5? At £349 I’d expect that and with a high end CPU and lots of RAM the bottleneck becomes the hard disks.
It’s a shame because the previous options were very competitive and a lot of Intel chips have actually come down in price.
Maybe introduce a few more servers with an ‘in-between’ spec?

# 17th October, 2007

@ Rob, not larger as in 2U’s. Larger as in more powerful.
At £349 we are not able to add another disk, we could have a higher setup fee, or perhaps have an even larger model above that. We do feel that this is a VERY powerful server though.

There will be some small adjustments to the servers soon, CPU’s would be upgraded, but prices will remain the same. It would make sense to have one or two more servers in-between, as you mention. We need to have many hotspares of all servermodels we offer, and keeping stock of all models would be a costly affair though.


# 21st October, 2007

I am interested in the 10TB bandwidth…just wondering if you accept php web proxies? As you probably know they are pretty heavy users of bandwidth. I currently live in the uk but host in the states, because it is generally cheaper, however, this is the first time i have seen 10TB offered at such a low price. If you could mail me setup times and setup costs for the bronze and silver servers that would be great.


# 25th October, 2007


Check your inbox 🙂

Regards­ ¬

# 6th November, 2007

How does the entry level celeron D420/1gb compare to my current Celeron 2.4ghz 512mb server at uk2? do you have any benchmarks?

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