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November 5th, 2007 by

I thought I would try and brighten up your Monday afternoon spirits by compiling a list of my top 10 blogs.  You have to bare in mind that I work in marketing and like food and wine so that has influenced my choices slightly!  (but in no particular order)

Guinness Blog
I like Guinness and rugby so a blog that’s talks about both is ideal. A really informative blog,  and every now and again has a drop of Guinness nostalgia too.

Seth Blogs 
As a marketer trying to keep up with latest infomation there is no better place to look than Seth blogs. Always come away feeling I have learned something new and some interesting fact.

Not a fan of websites that try to be too cool for school! But this website has an awesome collection of article and pictures from around the world from hotel rooms to shoes loads of cool things here.

How to change the world
A business /entrepreneur orientated blog written by a guy who was a product evangelist at Apple and is now a Venture Capitalist. Has made the top ten list an art form.

South African wine company blog. That’s gives a behind the scenes look at a small company trying to challenge the big boys in the wine industry. Gives lots of wine tips too.

Does not really need an introduction, but I always come away thinking I would like to go for drinks with the guys from Innocent, they seem so friendly and generally all round good eggs.

This gives you all the latest technology and gadget info in one place without heading all round the internet. 

English Cut
Excellent blog about a Gentleman who has been serving customers for 20 years  on Saville Row. A real insight into an industry I knew nothing about before, definitely worth a read.

Not many financial services companies blog. ZOPA do it in a really stylish way and also have a really smart concept behind the company too.

Chocolate and Zucchini 
A well designed food blog that has some elegant writing and loads of information about chocolate and sweets.

Hope your find these sites an interesting read and if your looking to host your blog somewhere why not try UK2’s webhosting 

Have a great week!

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# 7th November, 2007

Good stuff James, I am still a newbie, when it comes to Blogs, and other than the Innocent Smoothies Blog, i dont really look at any others. I will be checking checking your list out and who knows maybe adding a few of my own 🙂

# 7th November, 2007

< Gets notepad out, jots down tips for UK2 blog > 😉

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