Bring Out Your Vuvuzela, Psychic Paul is Back!

June 12th, 2014 by

Psychic octopus Paul is tanked-up and ready to predict the outcome of the 2014 World Cup football matches for…

In 2010, the newspapers reported that the octopus that had correctly predicted the outcomes of the matches of the 2010 World Cup was dead. “Paul the World Cup Octopus Dies In His Tank,” said the BBC. “Paul the Octopus Is Dead” reported the Guardian. It was a blow to the international football community – Paul had an 85 percent success rate.

Today, however, UK2 can report that Paul does not in fact swim with the fishes, like the press reported. Instead, he’s alive and swimming at the head office of UK2’s sister company Even better, from today he’ll be predicting the outcomes of the 2014 World Cup games, and you’ll be able to watch his match predictions on YouTube and via the website.

The Paul you’ll see on the screen might look a little bit different to the one you’ll remember from the 2010 World Cup. inventor Cody Erekson had to make a few improvements to the original Paul to bring him back from the edge of the Aquarium in the sky. But, to all intents and purposes, the new improved Robo Paul operates the same way he always did.

In fact, you could say he operates even better! This year, as well as making predictions before every World Cup match, Robo Paul will be manning a prediction website, where he’ll make match predictions on request.

Robo Paul has already made his first prediction, ahead of the Brazil v Croatia game, and you can watch the video via both the website and YouTube. Miss the first forecast? Log-on to Robo Paul’s prediction website to get a prediction on-demand.

Robo Paul’s predictions are based on a complicated algorithm, which you can put to the test on his prediction website.

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