Browsers – which flavour are you?

September 1st, 2009 by

Hi all,

I read yesterday that Sony had completed a deal with Google to make Chrome the default browser in its PCs. This seems to me to be a big move since the historic domination of Internet Explorer could be largely put down to the fact that it is pre-installed and ‘just works’ (kind of anyway, yes I am biased).

This led me to check the browser statistics for to see the percentage split with some interesting results. I had no idea that Firefox had gained so much market share with our users as the last time I looked there was only a small percentage using it and visiting our site.

A few of you may be thinking, ‘why change browsers anyway?’ or even ‘what other browsers?!’ click on this to go a useful little link to explain some possible reasons, however this is usually a contentious subject so I would stress please make up your own mind as always! (And of course the obligatory ‘UK2 isn’t responsible for the content of external links’ disclaimer is implied by clicking the link!)

Let us know your preference

If you’re a Firefox evangelist or staunchly pro Internet explorer let us know by replying on this post. It’d be enlightening to hear from any Chrome users how their experiences are using the UK2 site!

My own humble opinion is I prefer Safari on OSX and Firefox on everything else, mainly because Firefox is fast, customisable and follows web standards. Safari because it is noticeably faster than anything else I’ve tried, and I pretty much exclusively Mac based these days (Opera may have been faster, but it was a pain to block internet ads on, so I switched back).

To whet your appetite here’s the overview of visitors to the UK2 site that sparked this post.

UK2 users browsers breakdown

UK2 users browsers breakdown



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# 2nd September, 2009

I am a very recent Firefox convert. Simple reason is all the little apps and add-ons you can have. I love the look, feel and performance of IE, but these days you need a little more.

Whoisstuff Whois tools

# 2nd September, 2009

Any chance you could break the IE figures down into IE6, IE7 and IE8? IE6 is a right nightmare for people to develop for (it predates the popularity of Firefox and other browsers, which behave properly – i.e. obey the standards rather than misimplement them or even not implement them at all), but many people can’t upgrade to a newer version because of over-restrictive corporate IT policies.

David Precious
# 2nd September, 2009

We should all stick to Lynx 😉

# 2nd September, 2009


Out of the 57.21%

IE 7.0 44.47%
IE 8.0 36.56%
IE 6.0 18.88%
IE 5.5 0.08%

That makes it 10.8% overall using IE6 – whether this is enforced or by choice is another question though I suspect the former!

# 3rd September, 2009

Firefox good, ie bad. Worst bit is the way so many sites embed ie specific functionality which hangs or crashes other more open browser.

David Precious
# 4th September, 2009

I love the look, feel and performance of IE, but these days you need a little more.

I’d like some of whatever you’re smoking, please 😉

David Precious
# 4th September, 2009

I should probably also add something more productive to the conversation and mention my browser of choice is Firefox (well, Iceweasel, since I’m on Debian).

I’ve tried switching to Konqueror and Opera as I was finding FF a little too bloaty, but I kept coming back as I really missed certain Firefox extensions.

# 4th September, 2009

In addition to being slow, buggy and downright ugly, the PC-monopolising Internet Exploder “browser” has traditionally failed to implement the CSS box model correctly. (The box model consists of the margins, padding, and border properties of many elements.) This causes a complete nightmare for standards-compliant designers and developers who would love to pin Bill Gates under a collapsed margin and leave him there.

Although Internet Explorer 8 claims to now be fully compliant with CSS 2.1 in this respect, it doesn’t mean Jack when IE6 and IE7 are still so widely in use.

People need to wake up and use Firefox, or Lynx as Dave suggested 😀

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