Calling all Facebookers and Tweeters!!!!

December 4th, 2008 by

Hi everyone,

Great news!

Here at UK2 we have taken the plunge into the world that is social networking, and are now on Facebook and Twitter!

We are still quite new to this Social Networking malarkey, but please come and be a Fan on Facebook and Tweet with us on UK2 twitter.

You can find out about what we are up to here at UK2, our latest news, what products we are launching, what developments we are involved in, what’s happening in the industry and of course more about us – the fantastic and lovely employees! Also we’d love to hear from you, especially if you have any ideas or suggestions for us, or if you just fancy a chat.

So .. to view our Facebook page go to and to Tweet with us on Twitter go to

Tonight we are all off to Somerset House for some Ice Skating, so we’ll update Facebook and Twitter tomorrow with the thrills and the spills. Check out what fun we had last year.


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# 4th December, 2008

Great news ! I always wanted to know more about UK2 net as I have been with UK2 since 2002 and still intend to make progress within all the new features of UK2 for the next 10 years !

Facebook and twitter are for sure an excellent choice for social networking !

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