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This week, we’re raising a pint of the good stuff to celebrate the all new .beer domain…

There’s nothing quite like the Great British Pub. Us Brits have been supping on good ale since way way back in the Bronze Age. And we’ve been frequenting ale houses since the Romans brought the concept to our shores.

From Belgian Browns to Bohemian Pilsners, lager lovers and bitter barons alike enjoy the brewed beverage year in, year out. And now beer is set to come storming into the 21st Century…

The web address ending .beer is now on sale! Following in the footsteps of its elder (and perhaps wiser) sibling .pub, .beer is set to take the web by storm.

After all, there’s no denying that .beer websites will have an audience. The BBPA reports that over 22,000 gallons of beer have been glugged this year alone, at over 50,000 public houses (or pubs to you and I). We raise a pint for loved ones, lost ones, and, more often than not, anyone in sight after a few.

What’s more, beer is associated with revelry and joy the world over; Munich’s annual Oktoberfest attracts 6 million visitors every year, as they celebrate their love of beer amongst a fairground backdrop.

Because it’s Friday, we thought we’d share a bit of beer related trivia with you…

  • Cenosillicaphobia is the Fear of An Empty Glass.

We’ve all felt it. We’re nearing the end of a delicious golden ale and the fear sets in that soon it will be gone forever. Luckily, cenosillicaphobia can be treated by a simple trip to the bar for another pint.


  • Brewmeister’s Snake Venom

Snake Venom, brewed in the depths of the Scottish town of Keith, is the world’s strongest beer. At a whopping 67.5% ABV, this number is sure to live up to its name and incapacitate all those who dare to try it.


  • The Great London Beer Flood

In the Autumn of 1814, a huge vat of beer ruptured in a Tottenham Court Road brewery, causing a flood of over 300,000 gallons of the good stuff to sweep into London’s streets, leading to the collapse of two nearby houses.


  • Beer is Vampiric

Like the mythical vampire, beer’s mortal enemy is natural light. Beer is flavored with hops, a bittering agent, which protects the brew from bacteria. You may have heard of a beer going ‘skunky’, and this is caused by the hops that brew your pint being exposed to light. Some imaginative fellow coined the term skunky for when lager goes bad, and begins to taste and smell like a skunk.


  • It’s Out of This World

Back in 2006, Japanese and Russian scientists sent barley into space to the International Space Station, to see how it would grow. It spent five months in the stratosphere orbiting our planet, before being brought back and made into Space Barley beer by the Japanese Sapporo brewery. At nearly £100 for a 6-pack, it’s a cheaper option for budding space cadets wanting to taste the galaxy (or an expensive option for anyone who just fancies a beer).

Whether you’re a lager lover or a real ale connoisseur, you’re sure to find the .beer for you, available now from UK2.

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