Choosing a web hosting company can be hard…

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Choosing a web hosting company is a very personal decision based on your own unique needs. Switching web hosting companies can be time consuming and costly, so it is worth getting it right first time. It’s important to choose a company that not only meets your needs today, but can also grow with you as your needs change.

Now, we are obviously quite biased, but here are some great tips to help you choose the right web hosting company for your needs.

1. Check the costs
When comparing different companies, a key question must be how much the hosting will cost. It may seem an obvious question, but the different fees and costs may not be that obvious. For example, check whether there is a set up fee. Are there extra fees for secure transactions? What does it cost to host multiple URLs and email addresses? In other words it is important to establish what is included in the cost and what is extra.

2. Check the contract
It’s also a good idea to read the contract and terms and conditions carefully before you sign up. Some companies charge an additional fee for terminating your agreement if you wish to change to another provider. It’s worth finding out how much this is and if there are any specific
restrictions on moving your account.

3. Choose the level of service to suit your needs
Different companies offer different levels of service. Take the time to decide what are your minimum requirements particularly in respect of technical support. Check whether the hosting company can guarantee service levels that meet your requirements. For instance, is their phone number on their web site? What kind of out of hours support do they offer? Are their support telephone numbers free or do you have to call a premium rate number?

4. Check what else they can offer
Although you are keen to get things up and running it’s important to think about your long term needs as well as your immediate requirements. Does the hosting company have the flexibility and capacity you will need as your business expands? In addition, most web hosting companies provide monthly/daily usage reports. It’s worth asking to see these to assess how useful they are as the layout and what is included can vary considerably from one company to another.

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