My most random presents in 2007!

January 4th, 2008 by

I can’t believe Christmas is over and 2008 is already here….. It took me a while to get into the Christmas spirit but once I was, Christmas seemed to be over quickly.

Christmas is starting to change in my family; my brothers and I are all grown up and are starting to spend Christmas with our other halves families. Although after 6 years of being in a relationship I am yet to spend Christmas anywhere, but with my family…..I just love it to much. I also think I have a few more years left of spending Christmas at home as my brothers only started a couple of years ago….and my eldest brother is 30!

We still refuse to let my mum do away with some family traditions we have had since kids. We still get sacks full of presents, stockings, and even though we whinge before Christmas about my mum giving us pants, and socks, if we don’t get them (my brothers in particular) will be saying something on Christmas Day. My eldest brother still gets a bottle of Matey every year (Yes I did say he was 30) and of course Christmas pudding would not be the same without magic money!

This brings me on nicely to what now seems to of become a new tradition…random presents! And I don’t mean random as in rubbish tat! I mean random as in ‘why would you buy this as a present for me?…but actually it’s really rather good!’ This year my brothers and I all got a least one random present each.

A napkin folding book which on first glance the words ‘what the ffff?’ came to mind, but I did actually sit down with my Aunt and make 7 different napkins, highlights included the ‘ladies slipper’. We then put one at each place at the table….you should have seen some of the faces we got!

A Clothes Brush, I thankfully didn’t get one of these, but my brothers seemed to find this a good present rather than random like I did. I personally think it was my Mums attempt at trying to get my brothers to clean their clothes of dog/cat hair, before they come round.

Handkerchiefs, apart from my Nan I don’t know anyone that uses them. Very strange present, maybe handkerchiefs as presents will become the new must have present to give in 2008?

Thanks to my Brothers girlfriend for this one. Ink and paper, but no fountain pen, this one I find hilarious because if it came with a pen it would have been useful, but without, its just a pot of ink that you cant use, with paper that is designed for one specific use.

1001 things to do with vinegar, another one of those books I thought ‘what the fffff’? I can only assume it is my mums attempt at trying to turn me into a domestic goddess!

What strikes me with all of these presents, perhaps with exception to the ink and paper but no pen is that you would never buy them yourself or indeed think you would ever use them, but they are always the presents that you go back to and actually use.

Watch this space for my next Blog……’Napkin folding from amateur to pro!!! ‘

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# 4th January, 2008

All time favourite this year – a demisting pad for the car. Useful.

# 5th January, 2008

Kas you forgot the set of three small black plastic funnels that I got.
And can I clarify that it wasnt my Girlfriend (I am the brother of 30) it was kasias other brother.
Still not sure what im gonna do with those hankies!

# 5th January, 2008

Oh and whats wrong with getting Matey its soft and kind to sensitive skin!

# 7th January, 2008

Ah yes, i forgot that one…..’black plastic funnels’ top of my wishlist for 2008!

Dan Kalikman
# 8th January, 2008

I randomly got a small stuffed Penguin, complete with Santa hat… The missus thought I’d like it since I have an interest in Penguins……

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