.co Domains Present New Online Territory for Enterprising Businesses.

July 2nd, 2013 by

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For as long as the World Wide Web has been around, one Top Level Domain has been the standard that we all recognise. A .com domain name was seen as the default for any person, brand or business that was international in scope and didn’t conform to one of the organisation-specific TLDs for governments, charities etc. But as the choice of .com domains grew ever and ever slimmer, a new TLD was needed to offer the discerning website owner what they were after.

That’s where the .CO stepped in. Offering a credible alternative to the .com along with a range of other perks, this general TLD opened up lots of great new domain names to businesses whose names had long been taken by others and used for something else or held to ransom. These domains have quickly been picked up by various businesses, including Twitter-owned app Vine.

The growth in .CO registrations has outstripped that of any other TLD, with total registrations going up by almost a quarter in 2012. Businesses who act quick could grab themselves a great domain name that positively reflects their brand while saving them from forking out for the equivalent .com. Now is the time to embrace a strong new identity for the .CO era.

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