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October 16th, 2007 by

As some of you might know our control panel has been due for an overhaul for quite some time now, and I’m happy to say that we’ve recently taken the first step towards a new and improved look and feel.

As it’s mainly going to be you, our customers, who will be using it, we’d very much like your input during the process so we can tailor it to your needs. We’ll of course try and post updates along the way to keep you informed on the progress.

Anyhow, the first step we’ve taken is creating mockups for the dashboard as you can see below (click to enlarge):

UK2 Controlpanel Dashboard Mockup

So please, let’s hear what you’d like your control panel to do and we’ll try to cater to your needs πŸ™‚

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# 16th October, 2007

Looks good, nice clean tidy interface. Some idea of how the lower screens will look would be good but I guess you’ve not got that far yet πŸ™‚

# 16th October, 2007

Esben, you have more pages, lets see them πŸ™‚

# 16th October, 2007

A managable renewal calendar would be awesome, the listing we get at the moment is a bit cumbersome, especially when you;re looking at a lot of domains

# 16th October, 2007

Thank you Apokalipse πŸ™‚

The other mockups Ditlev is mentioning aren’t completely done yet, but I’ll make sure to post them once ready.

At the moment we are trying to decide what functions we need and how they should work – quite a tedious process which means the design part has been downprioritised a bit.

Mind you – the mockup above is just as the name says, a mockup. It was primarily made to define the graphical style of the controlpanel, so it’s most likely that a lot of things will have changed once we go live. Well, actualy, come to think of it – it most definitely will change πŸ™‚

So as stated earlier, if you have any ideas please let us know.

Michael Josiah
# 17th October, 2007

I am really impressed with the design. Very clean very informative. As a dedicated server customer, what type of options am I likely to see? Let me take this time to really commend all of you at UK2. The improvements that I have seen over the years (Especially under Ditlev) has been amazing. I am confident in your company and look forward to the continued improvements.

P.S. The free SSL was genious

# 17th October, 2007


Thanks for your input πŸ™‚

I’m happy to tell you that a flexible renewal calendar revamp is definitely on the development plan. One that will be able to handle 500 domain just as well as it handles 1.

# 22nd October, 2007

Michael: dedicated server customers don’t really need the control panel much, as the whole point of having a dedicated server is that you control it yourself, and we don’t have much of a say on what you do with it. We’re mostly trying to square the circle of having a control panel that makes sense to someone with just a domain and maybe a website, on one hand, and on another hand someone with dozens or hundreds of domains.

# 23rd October, 2007

well, most of our dedicated client signing up these days actually opt in for either a control panel or our supreme support (managed hosting at 29Β£/mo).

# 23rd October, 2007

First glance everything appears neat and tidy. Screen shows as “logged in” and at last a “logout”; what is the login screen going to be like because as it is, I invariably miss the “log into” line jumping straight to domain etc.
I’d like to see four boxes left to right; service options via a drop-down menu then domain etc. then password and login.

Mike Banks
# 27th October, 2007

Just to echo the comments about the improvements to UK2 over the last year or so.

The new look is nice and crisp. I know I’ve mentioned it before but the only thing that I miss from times spent with other servers is the cpanel. It would also be nice to have webstats improved (but please keep the old original too). Oh, an easy mailing list thingy would be nice too.

Err, sorry for the shopping list. Great work all at UK2 πŸ™‚

# 30th October, 2007

@Mike Banks, all new web hosting clients are actually setup on cPanel now. We have the first few 100 clients live on it now, and its rocking πŸ™‚

Very soon we will be able to offer ‘old’ clients to be moved over (for free naturally) if they would like to.


Michael Josiah
# 30th October, 2007

@Sam: That is not totally true. As a dedicated customer, I would have thought that the control panel would allow me to do the following

1) have an overall look or summary of my servers
2) manage reboots
3) check usuage stats
4) Order additional hardware and software components (maybe increase ram or purchase cpanel)
5) Interface seemingly with the support tickets app

You see the control panel for dedicated customers does not have to manage the server itself as this is what cpanel or other applications would do, but I would expect it to manage my dedicated server account efficiently with you. I have more than one server with UK2 so it would be great to see a pretty overview of the servers and their stats. I know the current control panel was cleaned up a little and some of the things I have mentioned here might already be available. Just hope it gets ported over and enhanced.

# 1st November, 2007

I agree with Michael on this one, it would be account management and not server managment, as I use virtualmin for that but the existing UK2 server management pages are certainly not easy on the eye.

Tony Finn
# 29th November, 2007

Is this on shared servers or dedicated servers?
Also you said you are moving customers over to cPanel eventually, again is this shared servers or dedicated servers?

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