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June 10th, 2014 by

Get the bunting out, .uk is available to buy now…

From today, it’s not just be the waves that Britannia rules. Today, Britain stakes its claim on the Word Wide Web, too.

The reason? .uk is now available to buy. This new web address ending is the shorter, sharper, more memorable, and easier-to-type alternative to It’s the web address equivalent of Gerri’s red white and blue spice girl dress and Noel Gallagher’s Union Jack guitar. It stands for afternoon tea, fish and chips, bowler hats and cricket.

.uk is available to buy today as part of the Great British Bundle package. Simply buy a brand new web address and you’ll get the .uk, too. You’ll pay just £9.88 for both, for a year, or £16.98 for two years.

If you don’t want a, and only want a .uk, you’ll be able to see if the web address you want is available to buy, too. There’s a chance it won’t be available, because the way .uk’s have been put up for sale means that certain owners of existing’s and’s will have had the matching .uk automatically reserved for them. If the .uk you want is free, you can snap it up for £5.99 for a year,or £11.98 for two years.

To find out more, have a peek at the terms and conditions.

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