Cricket World Cup Promo

February 21st, 2011 by
ICC cricket world cup 2011

Come on England!

A good monday morning to you all…

Since some of us at UK2 towers are cricket lovers we’re going to offer some special treats whenever England do well in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011, which has just started.

So, every time England manage to score over 300 in their innings we’ll be posting on this blog (and on twitter) 10 vouchers for a UKV100 VPS absolutely free for 3 months. And with some seemingly batting friendly wickets and Pietersen in good nick that should happen at least a couple of times throughout the competition (and if England reach the final we may even up the ante with a bigger voucher).

Here’s a handy list of fixtures courtesy of the BBC

The UK2 Team

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# 28th February, 2011

Sure England scored over 300 yesterday 😉 . Be nice to try UK2 with a free 3 months!!

UK2 Team
# 2nd March, 2011

Hi everyone, apologies, due to a mixup with both automatic posting and our voucher system the first voucher did not get issued on time – but here it is;


valid for 3 months free of UKV100 Cloud vps, it lasts for 14 days from today, enjoy!

UK2 Team
# 2nd March, 2011

And hot on its heels the second one. Not quite as good a match if you’re english, and appropriately the voucher is;


Console yourself with a freebie, or celebrate if you’re Irish, just don’t be smug about it please.

Muhammad Waleed
# 3rd March, 2011

It asks for a credit card. Can we get it without giving our credit card details?

UK2 Team
# 4th March, 2011

Hi Muhammad,

Sorry we still have to do carry out our fraud/age checks etc so a valid payment method is required, though you can opt to choose paypal as a payment method if you don’t want to add a card to the account.

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