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UK2 welcomes top business talent from Utah State University into the London office…

Last week, the UK2 office became a bit of a goldfish bowl as a football team worth of elite business students from Utah State University visited the company to see how we swim.

Enrolled on the Huntsman Scholar programme, the students are the cream of the up-and-coming business crop in Utah. They visited UK2 as part of an 8-day company and culture exchange tour, which also saw them studying alongside business scholars at Oxford university for a few days.

UK2 and US sister brands Midphase and Westhost have strong connections with Utah State University, with many business and technology students moving straight into employment at the company’s US head office after they finish their degree.

The visit to UK2’s London office was orchestrated by Jeff Hunsaker, the Chief Services Officer at UK2 Group, who is also a former graduate of Utah State University. He set the agenda for their visit to HQ to show them an insight into the insider workings of a modern-day technology company.

Among the visitors was Kyle Draper (24) who is studying international business at Utah State. He came to the UK hoping for a taste of things to come.

“Business is a great way of seeing the world,” said Kyle. “That’s why I chose international business. I also like interacting with people, and it’s even more interesting when you’re doing that in different cities.”

Management Information Systems student Gavin Salisbury (22) also took part in the visit. Since spending time at UK2, he’s decided he wants a career with Westhost when he leaves university.

“I’ve been into technology since I was a child,” said Gavin. “When something broke and my mum stopped using it I’d break it up into pieces in the living room to find out what was wrong with it. A lot of times I found the problem, like with a little screw, and I put it back together again. Being at UK2 has made me realise that I can have a career in tech without being a programmer or bound to a computer all the time.”

While Gavin discovered his possible calling during his trip, fellow student Chelsea Hepworth discovered that the way Brits and Americans learn differs more than she thought.

“Education over here is different to the US,” says Chelsea. “It’s been valuable to experience.”

To see a few more pics of the visit, check out @uk2 on twitter



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