Dedicated Servers: Juiced and Ready For Busy E-commerce Periods

November 21st, 2013 by

dedicated servers

One form of web hosting infrastructure that is well equipped to deal with the surging increase in UK e-commerce sales (at least 20% above last year’s levels) is dedicated server hosting. The big boys of the web server family, these powerful Intel platforms are juiced with high RAM and disk space components that allow hardcore server administrators to exercise precise control over hardware, software and security policies that are not possible on shared or VPS platforms.

As we approach Christmas and New Year, administrators need this horsepower more than ever before. Some tracking agencies report that month-by-month e-commerce sales spikes during some recent months are the biggest increases they have seen. This is putting remarkable pressure on merchants both in terms of stocking inventory and ensuring their websites run flawlessly as traffic levels increase.

A dedicated server allows an administrator to set up a custom software and hardware configuration through root access to the underlying box via online dashboards provided by web hosting companies. A number of healthcare, financial and security companies rely on dedicated servers to set up highly secure software environments and load custom software for back office processes. A colocated or dedicated server is the closest approximation to an on-premise IT footprint that a small business, startup or enterprise can attain without having to invest in costly infrastructure and deal with the day-to-day challenges that come with maintaining this technology.

The majority of the dedicated servers come loaded with Gbit as standard and feature 24/7 support all year round by highly experienced cloud and datacenter engineers. These platforms are all geared to offer a 99.9% network uptime guarantee and may feature free unlimited inbound bandwidth.

As web traffic escalates towards the end of the year, administrators have full server control via IPMI technology to set up an optimum environment for load balancing and disaster & recovery (DR).

These servers exceed the resource restrictions inherent in shared servers and outpace cloud servers in terms of offering the most sophisticated and customizable environments through which to implement specific software installations. They are, in fact, the pinnacle of web hosting machines and will appeal to IT departments who wish to precisely control their future technology configurations during busy online shopping periods.

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