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If you are in the early stages of forming a business or have been running a bricks and mortar business for the last several years without a web presence, you may not have paid much attention to domain names. But you would be wise to consider the benefits of purchasing one to either launch a new website or prevent a competitor from buying a domain that matches your target market.

Failure to do so should be considered a business oversight since acquiring a, .com, .net or any other extension is extremely cheap AND easy.

It is the first critical step to building a website or ecommerce store to sell your goods or services online. Furthermore, it acts as a buffer against competitors who may wish to siphon off your customer base by optimizing their content on search engines like Google at your expense.

Build your website for only £1/month

One of the biggest developments in the last several years has been the centralization of web services, including website hosting and domain registration, in one online location at an accredited web hosting provider., for instance, offers special promotions for domains costing less than £10 a year if you purchase both a .com and. extension.

Purchasing a domain name usually involves a few simple clicks in the web browser along with some credit card information to complete the process. Once complete, you are presented with a hosting dashboard which will allow you to launch further products as you need them including popular website builders such as WordPress.

What makes this option so attractive for businesses is how quick and painless the process is. You can literally be up and running with a new domain in less than 10 minutes. You could even have a new basic website up and running in no time, as all domains comes with InstantWebsite, a single page version of our powerful Website Builder.

Also remember that once you have a domain name and website, you will start showing up in Google search results for your product and service. This means more traffic to your website and eventually more leads. More leads mean more customers, which means you make money. There really is no valid reason these days why any small business should NOT consider registering a domain name and launching a new website.

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