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From edible soil to toad in the hole made from real frog meat, 21st century chefs will try anything to make their menus stand out from the crowd. From this week, they might not have to…

Thanks to the launch of .menu as a new web address ending, it just got easier for chefs and restaurant owners to stand out from the crowd online. To celebrate, UK2 looks at the tactics chefs have used in the past to make a name for their menus on the World Wide Web.

Calorie KOs

Super-sized dishes get jaws moving for two reasons. The first is the chewing, the second is the gossip-factor. The Cheesecake Factory’s bistro shrimp pasta gets people talking due to its calorie count of 2,819 – well over the daily allowance for men and women. The Outback Steakhouse, meanwhile, gets tongues wagging with its 1,911 calorie Chocolate Thunder From Downunder dessert. Then there’s the Heart Attack Grill, which made headlines when it put a 10,000 calorie bypass burger on its menu.

Extreme Ingredients

There’s a name for insects as food. And no we’re not being rude – the scientific term is ‘entomophagy’. Typhoon in California has a special area of the menu dedicated to insects and the list includes Singapore-style scorpions and silk worm pupae.


Served at Fleur restaurant in Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay, The Fleurburger rings in at the till at $5,000. This pricey patty is made out of Wagyu beef and foie gras with a brioche truffle bun. And don’t ask for ketchup and mustard with this burger! It comes complete with a rich truffle sauce and shaved black truffles to tempt the more refined taste buds.

Mad scientist menus

Championed by Heston Blumenthal, molecular gastronomy is now available on menus around the country. At Story in London, for example, you can get bread and dripping, but it’s not as it seems. This dish is served as part of a melting edible candle.

To get your own .menu web address, visit the UK2.net website. 


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