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At UK2 we’re constantly looking to improve our products and services, and we want to be able to not just assist customers with getting an online presence – but making the most of it too. As a result we’ve teamed up with Google, to offer FREE Google AdWords vouchers with our Web Hosting and E-commerce packages.

This is an excellent opportunity to get more customers visiting your website – for absolutely nothing!

How can I get a Google AdWords voucher?

The vouchers are now available to new customers who sign up for a year on our Complete or Plus Web Hosting packages, and to all existing customers on Starter, Small, Medium, Large and X-Large Web Hosting or E-commerce packages!

The voucher values are as follows:

  • Complete – £20
  • Plus – £30
  • Starter – £20
  • Small – £20
  • Medium – £30
  • Large – £30
  • X-Large – £50
  • E-commerce – £50
  • For new customers you will be allocated your voucher upon sign up to Complete or Plus for 1 year. If you sign up for the free Web Hosting or E-commerce trials you will be entitled to a voucher if you renew after the trial period has ended. Your voucher will be available from your Account Control Panel as soon as your account is all set up.

    For existing Web Hosting and E-commerce customers you should have received an email letting you know that your voucher is available. To claim your voucher just go to your Account Control Panel.

    Why should I advertise with Google?

    A Google AdWords voucher enables you to carry out “cost per click” search marketing activity via Google. All different companies advertise with Google as so many potential customers use Google as their primary search engine. As a result it can help you target new audiences and reach a greater amount of people than other marketing methods. It is also very flexible and adverts can be changed, updated or even paused on a frequent basis.

    There’s no minimum spending requirement or time commitment. And with “cost per click” search marketing activity you’re only charged if interested people click your adverts through to your website. You decide how much you how much you’d like to pay for each prospective customer lead and how many leads you would be interested in. You have complete control over how much you spend.

    Happy Marketing! I hope you get lots of visitors to your websites!


    For the Google AdWords Terms and Conditions please click here.

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