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March 30th, 2007 by

I’m happy to announce that our RSS feed now includes the full content of each post.

RSS is a way to keep track of new content from your favourite websites and blogs, having the content delivered to your chosen “feed reader” rather than having to visit each website seperately.

Because of the default way WordPress works, our feed contained only the content up until the “<!–more–>” tag, and you’d have to click through to our site to read the rest, which is plain annoying when you’re trying to catch up on posts in your RSS reader.

We’ve just changed WordPress so that, from now on, the full content of all posts will be included in the RSS feed, so now you can read the entire post, and only have to click through if you’d like to post a comment (feel free to make comments by the way, we value our reader’s opinions).

So, if you haven’t done so already, subscribe to our RSS feed now using you favourite RSS reader.  If you haven’t picked one yet, personally I recommend Google Reader – it’s free, and it’s web-based so requires no installation and can be used from anywhere!

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# 19th April, 2007

Thumbs up for Google Reader! I hadn’t really paid much attention to it, but it’s really powerful when combined with a Firefox add-on like Google Reader Notifier 🙂

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