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Is it time for a more dedicated approach to hosting? You could be in need of a dedicated server…

At UK2 we aim to put you in control of fast hardware on a fast network connection. We may be specialists in hosting solutions, but for those of you who are new to the hosting industry, these – and other terms – may be confusing. Making the leap from a basic hosting package to something more robust can be daunting. So let’s take some time to look into what a dedicated server is and what it can do for you.

Let’s start with that dedicated server. It is, essentially, a computer that you lease from us in our datacentres to use for whatever purpose you wish (within our terms of service).  We will pre-configure it for you with a bare operating system install of your choice from Linux or Unix distributions (i.e Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, etc) to one of the Windows Server editions or even something more specialist such as VMWare, CitriX or BlueOnyx.  After which you will have full control of the configuration of that software and the ability to install more.  We provide you with full root/administrator level access to your server so you don’t need to continually contact our support teams when you need to make configuration changes. This gives you the same control as if you were configuring the server in your own office.  Our Tera control panel also enables you to re-install your operating system or switch your server on or off remotely, without any need for support contact.  As this server is dedicated to just your company’s use, you get the full power of the server at your disposal as well as the bandwidth on the network connection.

So what are your other hosting options?

The cheapest option is shared hosting, which is a popular option among those getting set up in business. This provides you with the use of computing and storage resources on a server, generally with scaling charges based on the amount of storage and usable features you need.  With shared hosting you’ll be one of hundreds of customers using the same server, which means that server’s resources are spread across all of the customers.  As the server’s software is controlled by your hosting provider, if you need something that they don’t provide, you may have trouble finding a solution. Whilst in most cases hosting companies configure their shared platforms to handle common web or email hosting requirements, you are limited as to what configuration changes you’re able to make yourself to the installed software to meet your needs, and so once you’re more confident in your software, you should be looking for a more robust hosting solution.

Usually hosting companies configure their shared platforms to handle common web or email hosting requirements, so you are fine if your particular requirement fits in that niche. However, even if it does, if your website gets busy you may find yourself being asked to move on if your site uses more resources than any ‘fair use’ policy that may be in place.

The next option is a virtual server or VPS hosting. With a virtual server you get full software control of the server, similar to a dedicated server. However, unlike with a dedicated server, a virtual server is designed to allow several virtual servers to share the resources of one hardware server, called a ‘hypervisor’. The hypervisor server itself generally uses similar hardware to a high-end dedicated server, but once its resources are carved up for dozens of virtual servers, the actual available resources you get are much more restrictive.  The network connection for the server is shared between all the virtual servers, so a few busy servers on the hypervisor could see your server’s resources impacted and customers struggling to reach your site.

When you get to the point where you need power and performance, a dedicated server is your best option.  The flexibility to configure and customise the software on your server to your exact needs allows you to react to market forces. Our new dedicated server options start from just £49.00/m, and come fully equipped with everything you need to take the next step into online business.

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