Cutting Corners With Gmail

November 24th, 2014 by

Sometimes being a Gmail user can test your patience. Check out these keyboard shortcuts and take a weight off your mind…

Gmail has a number of keyboard shortcuts, many of which need to be manually enabled by clicking the Gear icon, selecting ‘Settings’ and then turning ‘Keyboard Shortcuts on.’

Others are on by default, and this quick guide will clue you up on using them to aid navigation through composing an email.

1: After writing a message, hit ‘Ctrl+Enter’ to send the message without using the mouse. On a Mac hit the ‘Command Key+Enter’ to achieve the same result.

2: To move to the next window, hit the ‘Ctrl+.’ key. On a Mac this is achieved by hitting the ‘Command Key+.’

3: To move back to the previous window use the ‘Ctrl+,’ key, or the ‘Command Key +,’ on the Mac.

4: To send Bcc, or Blind Carbon Copies (where the e-mail address of the recipients don’t appear in the received message), hit ‘Ctrl+Shift+B’, or on a Mac the ‘Command Key+Shift+B’.

5: To send a CC, or Carbon Copy, hit the ‘Ctrl+Shift+C’, or the ‘Command Key+Shift+C’ on the Mac.

6: Finally, to change the ‘From’ address hit ‘Ctrl+Shift+F’ on a PC, and ‘Command Key +Shift+F’ on a Mac.

Gmail supports many other keyboard shortcuts, which are turned off by default, which can make using Gmail a smoother and easier process.

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