Google Launches Chrome 6

September 6th, 2010 by

Google have launched Version 6 of Chrome on the browser’s second birthday.

Google Chrome Version 6 on 2nd Birthday

Google Chrome Launches Version 6 on 2nd Birthday

Labelling itself as the ‘Modern Browser,’ Google Chrome has a number of updates and improvements to offer its users. As with previous versions, Google’s focus has been to improve the speed and simplicity of the browser. They have also added extra security features along with Google Chrome Extensions, which will help to make your online experience easier, and they’ve also included a translator in the browser itself, without requiring additional plug-ins or extensions.

Google’s handling of HTML5 seems to be the buzz at the moment and is absolutely spot on, which may be useful to anyone who has a web hosting package. The popularity of HTML5 could see Google raising their browser market share past their current 7.5%. But they still have a long way to go to compete with the likes of Internet Explorer and Firefox whose figures are at 60.4% and 22.93% respectively.

In the last two years Google have already bagged themselves 7.5% of the browser market share – 3rd behind Internet Explorer and Firefox – and in the process have overtaken the likes of Safari and Opera. Competition is only going to get tougher and we are looking forward to see what browser advancements are on offer in the not so distant future.

All Market Share Percentages are according to Net Market Share.

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