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We shape our tools and afterwards our tools shape us. – Marshall McLuhan

It’s hard to argue with the Canadian philosopher. After all, this guy predicted the emergence of the World Wide Web almost thirty years before its creation. Plus, if we were to name the one tool that has shaped modern society, the Internet would most certainly be it.

And the Internet only looks set to get more powerful. This year alone, almost 200 new web address endings have been released for sale as alternaives to .com and etc, paving the way for more people to carve out their own niche in the virtual world. Or is it the niche that’ll carve them in the end?

This week, .tools became the latest web address ending to be put up for sale. This new address is a no-brainer for hardware stores and handymen, who can use it the ‘Marshallean way’ to morph their businesses into bigger things.

It’ll also give the makers of some quirkier tools the chance to get themselves some online limelight. Here are a few of the unique tools that UK2 would like to see for sale on .tools website pretty soon.

1. Dine Ink

Tools - dineink

Never be caught at your desk without a fork again! Created by Fred and Friends, Dine Ink utensils fit on the end of your pen, pencil, or any stick approximately the same size. This invention creates an eating tool out of a writing tool. Genius!

2. Picnic Pants

Keep your Leaning Tower of Picnic from falling off your knee with these Picnic Pants. The only thing missing is a glass holder.

3. The Yo App

This messaging tool already has more than a million users. This app creates a whole new way to say ‘hello’ to your friends, but there is a trick. You can’t actually say hello, you can only say ‘yo’. Creator of the Yo app was tired of typing out texts to get someone’s attention and instead made his own single message application. With this handy messaging tool all that’s really left to say is: ‘Yo’.

4. Remote Control Cushion

Your days of losing the remote behind the sofa cushions are over with this handy tool. Now your remote control is the sofa.

5. The Condiment Gun

tools - condimwent gun

A tool is defined in the dictionary as a handheld device used to carry out a particular function. So this sauce squirter fits the bill perfectly!

6. Giant Swiss Army Knife

Wenger use the words of Crocodile Dundee to advertise their massive Swiss Army Knife ‘That’s not a knife! This is a knife.”

To get your own .tools website, visit the UK2 website.


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