Happy 18th birthday Debian!

August 16th, 2011 by

Today marks the 18th birthday of the Debian Linux project!

It’s 18 years to the day from Ian Murdoch’s founding announcement to comp.os.linux.development. In the 18 years since, there have been eleven stable releases, and a huge amount of free software packaged – the current “unstable” branch consists of more than 35,000 binary packages for the amd64 architecture alone – over 44GB of Free/Libre Software!

Here at UK2, a large portion of our backend systems are powered by Debian, and we’re happy to offer Debian as an option on our dedicated servers and VPS cloud hosting packages, so we’d like to say, “Thanks Debian!”.

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Paul Wise
# 16th August, 2011

Please add your hosting company here:


Paul Wise
# 16th August, 2011

BTW, if you are interested in donating hardware/money/bandwidth:


You may also be interested in becoming a Debian partner:


Daniel @ Hosted Status Page
# 21st February, 2015

Debian is a great distro, I’ve used it for a number of years myself and never really had any issues with it.

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