Happy Leap Year, St. David’s Day and Mothers Day!

February 29th, 2008 by

Hi all,

I just wanted to wish you all a “Happy Leap Year!”

Yup 2008 has a grand total of 366 days. The extra day being today, February 29th, is to compensate for the 365 days and 6 hours that the Earth takes to revolve around the sun. So every 4 years we get to have an extra day of work – booooo!

On a more quirky note February 29th is also the day that women are entitled to propose to men. Nothing as exciting as that has happened here in the office today though 🙁

Tomorrow March 1st is a day very close to my heart as it is “St. David’s Day“, so “Cymru Am Byth” to all fellow welshmen and women. I hope you have a great time.

Saint David is the patron saint of Wales, and March 1st is a national day of celebration within Wales. Check out all the details here.

Finally don’t forget that Sunday March 2nd is “Mothers Day“. So if you haven’t got your Mum a card yet – get cracking!

So there you have it, three reasons to have a great Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

Have a good weekend.


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# 29th February, 2008

And happy Peanutbutter Lover’s Day tomorrow (March 1st) to you!

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