Heavy Metal – US based dedicated servers go live

March 26th, 2008 by


As many customers have been asking for them we’ve added some US based dedicated servers to our server portfolio today, named Copper, Iron and Steel. These are located in Dallas and have the same speed capabilities as our current servers, with some mouthwatering specs. The full details can be found here.

The Deal

Rather than wait until we’ve ironed all the kinks out we thought we’d let you have them now, but we’ve had to take a few things away which will be coming back soon once our developers have worked their magic (such as APC remote reboot, automatic realtime OS restores, KVM over IP and more OS and control panel options).

As a special introductory offer we’re also offering our amazing 10TB bandwidth allowance on these for the first 10 servers of each type! There’s also no set-up fees and the servers are available in the same contract periods as our UK ones.

So if you have US customers, or want a multi-country solution for your site or web-developement you can now achieve that with UK2.



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Why would I need a dedicated server?

One Comment

Alok Singh
# 20th May, 2008

Whats the condition with 10,000 GB bandwidth. Is not for everyone who buys your dedicated server???

If its conditional then let me know at earliest and then i will decide whether to take or not. Because its nowhere mentioned as to what is the ( ** ) condition. Kindly explain.

We need a dedicated server that can host atleast minimum of 10 websites each consuming a good bandwidth with around 20,000 visitors daily or more on each of the hosted sites.

Kindly confirm.

Thanks & regards,

Alok Singh

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