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April 25th, 2014 by

We know what you’re thinking. Have we done something different with our hair? Is this a new jumper we’re wearing? Have we lost weight?

Close. Today, the UK2 website got a total make-over. The best bit? The site has been redesigned based on feedback from you.

For starters, we’ve eliminated all the jargon from the site. Of course, you’ll find tech specs where you need them, but the rest of the information on the site is delivered to you in the Queen’s English.

The new people you’ll see on the site’s photos aren’t actors.They’re all business owners and entrepreneurs from the area that surrounds UK2’s Shoreditch office. They’re hairdressers, tattoo artists and shop owners.They’re the people that UK2 has been set-up to support.

The new website comes with a reborn blog, too. On this feed, you’ll find the everything from how-to guides, to interviews with the best brains in business, as well as articles on current affairs.

Most importantly, the site has been redesigned so that’s it’s easier to use. Our web designers have been burning the midnight oil – we mean you Aaron – to make sure the layout is as easy to navigate as possible.

There are new things happening beneath the surface, too! From today, new UK2 customers will get access to our new CHI control panel when they buy a domain name, shared hosting, or a website builder product.

UK2’s CHI has been created to breathe new life into the way you manage and administer your UK2 hosting products. It’s been created in-house to make sure your hosting interface has a ton more get-up-and-go.

CHI has been designed to streamline all the jobs you might need to do as far as domains and hosting are concerned. CHI is a single sign-on system, which means it gives you instant access to other handy tools that make web hosting easier, like cPanel and Stats2. No more plate spinning when it comes to passwords and log-in details then.

CHI also helps with the housekeeping. There’s an easy-to-find bell icon on the left hand side of the CHI homepage, which saves and stores any service emails sent to you by UK2, so they won’t get lost in your inbox.

Existing customers will be moved on to the CHI system in a series of stages, so keep your eyes on our blog site and your emails for the latest breaking news.

So take a tour. Have a nosy. And most of all, don’t be a stranger.

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