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February 3rd, 2009 by

Hi everyone,

Over the past week the marketing department have been testing out a new UK2 Homepage, to see if it would perform better than previous versions. However, we were also being pretty clever and doing a test within a test, as we had two versions of our new homepage live at the same time! So you might have seen one of two different designs.

As you can see below, one version had an image of a female in the hero box, and the other had the image of a male in the hero box. We wanted to see if it had an impact on our conversion rate and increased our sales and revenue.

UK2 Homepage Test Girl Version

UK2 Homepage Test Girl Version

UK2 Homepage Test Guy Version

UK2 Homepage Test Version Guy

The results …

Interestingly we had to run the test for quite a while, because initially the results were very close. The version with the guy was originally performing best, then the version with the girl, and the final conversion results pretty much told us that it didn’t matter too much whether we use a male or female image!

However, I’m happy to say that the version with the girl managed to pull in some great server orders, which overall made the results favour her in terms of revenue and average basket size.

So there you have it … albeit by a small margin … girls rock 😉

Have a great evening,


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