HostingCon 2008 – The UK2 Experience

August 5th, 2008 by

Hi all,

Now that we’re back from Chicago and have recovered from the jet lag, I thought I’d let you know how HostingCon 2008 went for UK2.

In a word it was “AMAZING!”

I think I can speak for every UK2 Group representative in saying that it was a pleasure to spend time with hosting colleagues from all over the world. It was a fantastic opportunity for us to put faces to names, develop existing partnerships, identify new opportunities and also to tell the industry more about the UK2 Group.

In particular we used HostingCon 2008 to launch a new brand and to showcase our domain name reseller brand, but we were there to talk about the whole array of brands and got it’s fair share of attention!

From my perspective, there was a huge difference between HostingCon 2007 and 2008. I went last year as a relative newbie to the industry with two main objectives, 1) to meet people I’d been dealing with via email and phone and 2) to learn about other aspects of the industry in the conference sessions and keynotes. This year I couldn’t get over the change. Not only did I turn up feeling really at home, and a proper member of the industry (as I had people want to talk to me and were asking for me by name) but also people knew much more about UK2 and congratulated us on the success that we’ve had over the year.

That gave me such a feeling of pride, and it’s not just about what I’ve done for UK2 but what everyone here in the office has done for UK2!

There was also a “little” bit of networking to be done in the evenings, so thanks go to cPanel, The WHIR / Microsoft / Parallels and so on for their networking events. The list of people to thank for a fabulous time would be endless …. but we have to mention James and Michael from Comodo, Joe and Corey from Endurance, Jeff and JR from the Planet and Jason from Dedicated Now and many others for their constant enthusiasm and brilliant company … and of course thanks go to Sue from Interjuncture who made sure the event ran so smoothly.

Thanks guys!

Ok here are some piccies:

This is what the stand looked like before we got started!

The UK2 Stand Elves – they didn’t want to be called fairies!

As you can see we started off with the stand the wrong way around ….

The finished article, impressive eh? Spot the plant that we stole from Comodo haha!

Myself and Annie with Joe, after winning prizes in a conference session

Our free beer promotion went down very well

This is us in action

The Lucky Dip was also well received, with visitors trying to win an iPhone 3G and MacBook Air

Here’s Annie, myself and Matt at midPhase, before we took the stand down

Packing up time

And last but not least, myself with Sue who helped me a great deal with the organisation of the event

I hope you enjoyed!

Bye for now …

Nicola x

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