Hot Off The Press – FREE POP3 Email Account With All UK2 Domains!

April 3rd, 2007 by

Hi everyone,

As promised here’s another blog post from me to keep you up to date with the latest product developments here at UK2, and it’s an exciting one!

We’ve just launched FREE POP3 Email with UK2 Domain Names!

Now every existing and new UK2 Domain Name will come with a POP3 Email Account for FREE, which means you’ll be able to choose whether to view your emails via our UK2 webmail service or using an email client such as Microsoft Outlook. And it means you’ll get even more value for money from UK2 as a lot of hosting companies only offer this an an upgrade option, but with UK2 you get it for FREE!

How do you activate your FREE 100MB POP3 Email Account?

If you haven’t already got a UK2 Domain you’ll need to buy one, or transfer a current Domain to us. Once you get your email confirming that your account has been set up, follow the instructions below.

If you have already got a UK2 Domain log into the control panel for your Domain. You’ll see an option called Email Forwarding and POP Accounts. If you click on this link you’ll have the option “Add a POP mailbox to” which, when selected, lets you choose the prefix you want for the email address. You’ll have to enter your domain name and password to make the change – and that’s it!

How do you configure the POP settings on your email client?

There are several different types of mail client, but for Microsoft Outlook use the following instructions:

– Go to “Tools” and “Email Accounts” and choose the option “Add a new email account”

– You’ll need to select the type of server as “POP3”

– You’ll need to fill in the following details:

– Your Name: Your name! You can choose whether you want to use first and last name

– Email Address: The email address you created as your POP account above

– Incoming Mail Server:

– Outgoing Mail Server:

– User Name: This is again the email address you created as your POP account above

– Password: The password for your Domain Control Panel

– You must click on “More Settings at this point to do some further configuration.

– In the “General” tab use the Mail Account box to input the name that you would liked displayed when you send an email to your contacts

– On the “Outgoing Server” tab you MUST check the box which says “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication)

– In the “Advanced” tab, check the box that says “Leave a copy of my messages on the server” if you want your emails to still be accessible from webmail, even if you’ve downlaoded them to your computer

– The click “OK”, “Next” and “Finish”

If you have a different email client of have problems, please contact our Support Team who will be happy to help.

What are your upgrade options?

We know that some customers want more than one POP account, so we’ve got some upgrade options too for you .

If you have an existing Domain click on the “Addons and Upgrades” link in your Domain Control Panel. If you’re buying a new Domain all the options will be shown to you in the order process.

– 5 extra POP3 Email Accounts and an additional 1,000MB of space for £0.99 per month – OR FREE if you have a UK2 Web Hosting package

– 100 extra POP3 Email Accounts and an additional 5,000MB of space for £1.99 per month

We are also still providing the 5 Email Forwarding addresses as standard with all domains, with an upgrade option to 500 Email Forwarding addresses for £1.42 per month.

Bye for now,


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Malcolm John Ogden
# 3rd April, 2007

It seems that you have it set at 10MB rather than 100!

# 4th April, 2007

For now I am pretty sure that we are not actually checking quotas, so 10mb or 1000mb isn’t that important. I will have it checked tomorrow though 🙂
Thanks for letting us know

Malcolm John Ogden
# 4th April, 2007

Can we use SMTP with this too as you give an smtp server?

Malcolm John Ogden
# 4th April, 2007

Oh also is it possible to make it easier to log into the webmail as on e-mail login page you can only type a account in, whereas if i want to access my free account i need to login to my domain then login to webmail for me free account?? Thanks.

# 4th April, 2007

All domain POP quotas are now 100MB – good spot!

# 4th April, 2007

And esben is working on a new login form for domains, outside of the admin. And yup, SMTP is incl. using the same user/pass as for pop, and as mailserver.
(mind you, this is not a tech support blog, so ask on in the future :))

# 5th April, 2007

Your time clock on the blog’s an hour fast!!

David Precious
# 5th April, 2007


Ah yes, good spot! I’ve just corrected the clock, and configured NTP to keep it properly in sync.

Thanks for pointing it out!

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# 5th April, 2007

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# 16th June, 2007

I had an issue with emails being received but not sent. Your support guys were able to help me out really quickly. However, I think you should add to your config details that you need to set the smtp port to 443 as it is 25 by default.

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