How To Make WordPress More Secure

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How to Make WordPress Secure

Slipping your WordPress into a bulletproof vest takes less than 30 minutes.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of WordPress sites are hit by hackers. Fortunately, improving the security of your site doesn’t have to turn into a Fort Knox-scale operation. In fact, it takes less than half an hour to get your site under a better lock and key.

Keep WordPress updated with the latest software releases

This is one of the simplest ways to protect self-hosted WordPress blogs and content management systems from hacking exploits or malware intrusions on web hosting platforms. Hackers have learnt how to exploit the vulnerabilities present in older versions of WordPress, including the related plugins and unused themes that come loaded by default with WordPress. When you update your WordPress to the latest version, you insulate your website from attack. WordPress developers have spent countless hours securing their software with patch updates and security enhancements. They have done all the work for you. You simply need to click the update button.

WordPress suggests backing up your database prior to any update, which it outlines in its online backup codex. Once this is complete, you can go ahead and update your version in the admin panel.

Avoid obvious passwords

It’s a rookie error to use simple passwords, like John2011 or Amy123. Passwords like this make a hacker’s job easy. When you’re composing a password for your site, mix numbers, punctuation, and upper and lower case letters.

Change the default ‘admin’ username

Don’t get lazy. It only takes a few seconds to create a new user name, which removes another security hole in your WordPress system.  According to Forbes, attackers are in possession of 90,000 IP addresses from which they are trying to crack the default “admin” accounts on WordPress installations. By creating a new user account and deleting the older ‘admin’ account you will be one step closer to a well-protected system.

Delete unused plugins

Unused themes and plugins are a backdoor for hackers. You can delete an unused plugin in the time it takes to blink. Just go to your plugin menu, select the plugin you want to delete, and press the delete button.

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