How To Make Your Staff Happier.

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For smilier staff, pin UK2’s fundraising calendar to the company fridge!

This weekend, companies from all over the UK, will be running, swimming, and cycling for #SportsRelief. But it’s not just the good causes that will benefit from the fundraising efforts of these companies – their businesses will, too.

Studies have shown that fundraising improves company morale, instills belonging and loyalty among staff, and instills pride in workers, who appreciate that their company has a sense of social responsibility. Other polls have hinted that companies who do a lot of charity work, have lower rates of sicky-pulling.

If you’re not involved in Sports Relief today, here’s your excuse to fundraise every month for the next year…

April – Easter Egg Hunt

Start by hiding paper eggs around the office and safe areas of your company’s grounds. Then get your staff into teams. Each team member pays to take part – after all, they will be getting a morning or afternoon off work. Then let the teams loose to see who can find the most eggs.

May – Eurovision Sweepstake

Get your staff to pay a pound to draw one of the Eurovision country’s names out of a hat. If you want to make a day of it, encourage people to come into the office in Euro-themed fancy dress, and sell euro-inspired cakes and elevenses.

June – World Cup Sweepstake

You could compliment your World Cup sweepstake with a series of football skills competitions. Get your staff to donate to take part in keepy-uppy competitions and header trials.

July – One Mile On A Space Hopper

It should be sunny by now, so it’s the right time to raise money to complete a mile on a space hopper. Just find a suitable and safe route – through a park for example.

August – Company Barbecue

Get the picnic blankets out, stick the chef’s hat on your MD, and get everyone to donate to eat something off the grill.

September – Back To School Day

Get your staff to donate to dress up in back-to-school fancy dress for the day, sell old skool sweets at a tuck shop, and hold sponsored skipping and hopscotch competitions.

October – Conker Contest

Get everyone to bring in a conker and have a good old fashioned contests.

November – Duvet Day

Get the MD to donate a day’s holiday and raffle it off.

December – Operation Christmas Child

Get everyone at your company to buy one extra gift when they are doing their Christmas shopping. Then, distribute the gifts out into shoe boxes, and let Operation Christmas child send them out to disadvantaged children in places like Africa.

January – Resolution Tax

Get everyone in your company to make a New Year’s Resolution. Then, if you catch anyone breaking their vows, fine them.

February – Valentine’s Day Bake Sale

Get everyone at your company to bake something for Valentine’s Day and sell the products in the office.

March – Sell A Service

Get your staff to tell you what they are good at outside work, then hold an auction of services.

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