Interview With Design Shack: Design Inspiration Through A CSS Gallery

June 20th, 2008 by

Ever wanted to browse through the best designed CSS websites for inspiration and ideas for your site? Design Shack features a huge gallery of award winning CSS sites and today we have an interview with David Appleyard of Design Shack! Also be sure to drop by and take a look at our UK2 and Design Shack Contest, you could win some free web hosting if you enter!

Design Shack offers a gallery of CSS designs, what else do you offer visitors?

Design Shack started several years ago as a pure CSS gallery, and we haven’t forgotten our roots. We add two or three new great website designs to the gallery every day, all categorized by colour, category and column/layout style. In addition, we offer regular news articles, reviews and tutorials to help you learn and develop your web design technique. Our partner site, 13 Styles, has a collection of freely available CSS menus which can be incorporated into your designs.

How can a user submit a design to be added to your gallery?

Submitting your site to Design Shack is very straight forward, but we do have high requirements for acceptance into the gallery. There are two main options which can be taken – the free route (which takes anything from a few weeks to a few months to be reviewed), and an express route ($7) which ensures that your site is reviewed within 24 hours. We feature sites which are exceptionally well designed, with a unique style and good use of CSS and XHTML.

Do you feature United Kingdom based sites only or sites from everywhere?

Whilst Design Shack is based in the UK, we feature sites from anywhere in the world. It is great to see different cultures and traditions influencing design in other countries and we love to feature geographically orientated sites from all over the world.

What are some of your favourite web designer related sites?

There are so many websites to gain inspiration from online. We recently ran a reader survey which asked for websites which were found to be most inspiring. Some of the answers were:
Web Designer Wall
Viget Inspire Section
CSS Globe
Fubiz Inspiration Blog
A List Apart

Another few designers who create great software and have inspiring personal sites are:
Simple Bits
Jason Santamaria

Thanks to David for doing the interview and be sure to visit Design Shack as well as the ongoing UK2 and Design Shack contest!

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